Clearly, This Needs To Stop

Contributed Anonymously:

I didn’t want to do this, but ANOTHER recent -sells-more-than- essay has made me do it.

Can we please get over this debate over who sells more than who? It’s getting more absurd every single day. Comparing Britney and Christina is just as pointless as comparing Pepsi with Coke, seriously. Just because Britney sells more doesn’t mean she’s anything special or unique. She isn’t the only one that has made groundbreaking records, and years from now there will be someone else that will come along to sell more than Britney and Christina.

You fans are really trying too hard. I mean, if you like Britney and you prefer to be more proud of her record breaking sales rather than being proud of her music and performing, fine, but constantly trying to prove how much she has sold compared to Christina’s (and please, answer this, WHY do you need to always compare Britney’s sales to Christina? Can you make Britney look good by NOT adding Christina, for ONCE?).

I find it sad each day that record sales is all most of you Britney fans can brag about 24/7. At least Christina fans can talk about her singing, her music, her songs, her personality, and her influence on the gay community and such without stretching the truth and exaggerating on her talents, and trying desperately to prove to people that she has something that Britney doesn’t have.

Why do we always have to compare them? If you are really honest, if you prefer artistry out of the two, you will pick Christina, and if you prefer just mindless, fun, pop fluff songs, then you will choose Britney. It’s that simple. Britney has something that Christina doesn’t have, and Christina has something that Britney doesn’t have.

They are both unique in their own way people, clearly, these comparisons need to stop. Why not compare Usher’s record sales with Justin Timberlake’s, or Nick Carter with Justin’s, etc. I find it sooo pointless that you have to keep on making a debate out of these two over and over. It’s really getting out of hand.

I know my essay won’t change anything, but I have every right to say what I want and what I think, and I think that this needs to stop. Britney and Christina are great, but there are better artists out there that don’t rely on huge publicity to get attention and to sell records, and they don’t make a battle out of trying to be #1 on the charts. The more I see how many people on here always debate about Britney and Christina, the more I find how even if Britney and Christina took a 10 year break, y’all will still argue about who sells more and whose better than who.

It’s really sad, and really, it needs to stop. You might as well make a debate and argue about what’s better, Coke or Pepsi? McDonald’s fries or Burger King’s fries? Hamburger with cheese or hamburger WITHOUT cheese? Which is better? Does it matter? Why care?

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