Clique Girlz At City Of Hope Honoring Doug Morris

Ariel Moore, Destinee and Paris Monroe of Clique Girlz At City Of Hope event which honored Doug MorrisClique Girlz TV episode 30 features Ariel Moore, Destinee and Paris Monroe attending the City of Hope event honoring Universal Music chairman/CEO Doug Morris. At the event in Santa Monica on October 14th, the pop trio performed ‘Stop! In The Name Of Love’, originally by The Supremes.

Afterwards, they spoke with Streamline Records President Vincent Herbert about the honor to perform at the star studded event.

Watch the highlight clip below.

Clique Girlz’s Paris Becomes A Christmas Tree

December 14, 2008 – The first episode of the Clique Girlz Christmas Countdown features Ariel Moore and Destinee Monroe arguing with Destinee’s younger sister Paris about a really ugly Christmas tree, prompting Ariel and Destinee to wrap Paris in Christmas tree lights (uh, shock or electrocution hazard anyone?), shoving an ornament in her mouth and perform ‘Silent Night’ Alvin & The Chipmunks style.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Clique Girlz Discuss Enrique Iglesias And Growing Older

November 20, 2008 – Paris Monroe of Clique Girlz talks about how she was at a loss for words on the phone with Enrique IglesiasClique Girlz TV episode 26 features Destinee and Pairs Monroe and Ariel Moore promoting their tour doing a couple radio interviews, where Paris talked about her labelmate and crush Enrique Iglesias calling the 12-year-old one time and she got totally tongue tied, while the three talked about what they’ve learned in the past three years since their last interview with 95.1 WAYV in Atlantic City.

“Enrique Iglesias is on our label, and I am like totally in love with him, so someone got me on the phone with him on his BlackBerry, and someone’s like hello and I say ‘Hey, what’s up. Who is this?’, ‘It’s Enrique’, I was like, ‘Um’. My mom is in the background saying, ‘Say something!’ I was like ‘Hi’. I said hi about 20 times and eventually I just like dropped the phone and passed out. All I could say was ‘Hi’.”

Watch the episode via YouTube below.

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