Clique Girlz Introduce Their New Member Sara Diamond

Clique Girlz TV episode 39 features Destinee and Paris Monroe introducing the new member of the Clique Girlz, Sara Diamond, who replaces departed member Ariel Moore. They then started performing the jingle for Baby Bottle Pop, the baby bottle shaped lollipops, followed by their song ‘Then I Woke Up’.

“We have a bunch of stuff in the works,” Sara said, “and we’re super excited about it. Can’t wait for you to hear about it. For now, it’s all a secret.”

Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, the Clique Girlz spoke with about the audition process and who was involved, while Sara shared her background along with some miscellaneous info (audio since removed).

Clique Girlz Hijinx At Airport, Target

Ariel Moore, Destinee and Paris Monroe of Clique Girls at TargetFebruary 19, 2009 – Clique Girlz TV episode 38 features Paris and Destinee Monroe and former member Ariel Moore engaging in some hijinx at an airport, and Paris busting some glass at a Target store that employees had to clean up.

The girl behind the camera then chased Paris around the store to get her to fess up what happened with the glass.

Watch video below.

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34 thoughts on “Clique Girlz Introduce Their New Member Sara Diamond

  1. Lauren says:

    Ugh ! I want Ariel back ! They were perfect ! Just because that had one fight!? It’s over. I mean it’s not fair. They’re not the Clique Girlz anymore. I hate this. This really upsets me.

  2. Deverly says:

    It’s always difficult when something you like changes, but in this case this is a change for the better. Sara has serious talent and just like when the Pussycat Dolls changed a member, everybody thought is was a much better group. Sara is amazing.

  3. MOSHI says:


  4. Devan says:

    I hate this! BRING BACK ARIEL! the Clique Girlz all started because of ariel! if she didn’t ask Destinee and Paris to sing with her at the singing competition then they would have never formed the group! Ariel has an amazing voice and belongs with the Clique Girlz, not this new girl sara!

  5. Elix13 says:

    I just found out that I am related to Sara. She is my 4th cousin. This is so exiting. I LOVE the Clique Girlz!

  6. Biggest Clique Girlz Fan says:

    I WANT ARIEL BACK!!! IT’S NOT THE SAME!!!!!!! and destinee’s hair is different.its like red and paris’s is blonde and sara’s is brunette.

  7. Shelly Fox says:

    Ariel quit because she wasn’t getting enough parts in songs and that was only because she sucked!!!! I think Sara Diamond is gonna do great as a Clique Girl

  8. Mickey says:

    Shelly you either are friends with the monroes or you have to get your ears checked. If you check out ariels Myspace or her name on YouTube you can hear her new solo songs. Then TRY and say she sucks. What a freakin joke , LOL ! Its odvious to me what happened and to everyone else as well . PEACE

  9. Kaila says:

    I’m frustrated that Ariel left, but also excited (HELLO! She’s going solo!). She’s like Kevin from JB. She’s got an amazing voice, and she hasn’t been getting a chance to show it. When her solo album comes out, I’ll be first in line (on iTunes, of course). I love the Clique Girlz, and I wish them luck with their new member!

  10. brieanne says:

    please bring ariel back they were so good together I nlove ariel please get sara dimond off and bring back ariel I am 10 years old my sister is 9 and my bff is 8 and we always listen to their music and buy their stuff now we are very sad and we will not buy or listen to any of their things because sara don’t belong here. BRING HER BACK.

  11. Melissa says:

    I liked it when Arielle was in the Clique girlz! The first song by them I listen to was ‘why aren’t you here with me now?’ There music isn’t as popular in Australia! and now I listen to there old stuff. I’m in a choir (not that it matters) and can hear the diff in the song ‘then I woke up’ with Arielle singing and the version with Sara! They are going to lose a heap of fans!

  12. Melissa says:

    I though about it…… Sara is good. I am just used to hearing Arielle I guess! so I mean no offense, but I just still need to adjust to not having A as a clique girl!

  13. mimiscenario says:

    ugghh!! I don’t like sara! I won’t ariel back!! but it aliminates the compition!! so I’m happy

  14. LEESH says:

    SARA IS THE BEST!! GO SARA!! I know her from dance she is really nice and a cool person to hang out with. THe Clique Girlz are lucky to have her in their midst. An now Ariel can really show off her vocal talents. it all comes together at the end dontcha think?

  15. Maddie says:

    The band lost all the magic 4 me when Ariel left. I’m just not a fan of the Clique Girlz anymore… sorry

  16. grapps says:

    hi everyone
    I understand how the Clique Girlz fans are going to have to adjust to Sara but I know sara from back home and I really think that you should give her a chance! She has exceptional talent and I think she sounds great with the Clique Girlz and they are definately gonna shine. Arielle has gone solo now so her fans can still listen to her! The Clique Gilz needed someone to take her place and personnaly, I think Sara’s a great fit!

  17. Faith Williams says:

    Oh chill people.
    Things like this happen.
    Sara Diamond can sing. Leave her alone. The new and approved Clique Girlz will be just as good. All pretty, cute, and talented girls. They’re just making their way to the top. So don’t start this “We want ariel back” thing. Come on, she left herself in hopes of shining on her own. In my perspective, that’s great for her, but she needed the other two. So welcome to the world or music Sara, because millions of girls would kill for this.
    Congratulations to her for making the Clique Girlz.

  18. jaycee81196 says:

    In this story, there’s good news and bad news.

    Bad News: Ariel left the Clique Girlz because she wasn’t showing her “full potential.” Now, Destinee and Paris are acting like she never existed.

    Somewhere in the Middle: Since Ariel left, the other two girls found Sara Diamond, who is a very good singer, but now, a lot of Ariel Moore fans are dissing Sara off. But, I just wanna say, ” Let’s just see if Sara gets a better chance of singing or talking or doing anything with Paris and Destinee without the sisters hogging the spotlight… I just hope Sara doesn’t end up being “left out” just like Ariel was.

    Good news: So, you already know that Ariel left the group and decided to go SOLO! Well, I listened to two of her songs, Living on the Edge and Against the Wall, and they are pretty good! Search those songs in YouTube and you’ll get to hear the real Ariel. (P.S. If you REALLY REALLY WANNA HEAR ARIEL go on YouTube and search “Ariel Moore sings Acapella” under the username “havemoorefun” which is Ariel’s YouTube channel.) I just wanna say good luck to both Ariel and Sara (not so much to Paris and Destinee =P)

  19. jesusfreak says:

    Sara…umm I’m glad you made it into the band and I’m happy for you, but I did like Ariel-she like made the Clique Girlz the Clique Girlz. I totally loved the 3 blonde rocker chicks….sigh

  20. AAAshley says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! The group was great WITH Ariel! I don’t think I’m gonna listen 2 them anymore. Ariel was the best!!!! And now the group isn’t good:( — ASHLEY!!!!

  21. Ariel M. says:

    I think Sara is fine I’m happy for the Clique Girlz I had some personel reasons why I QUIT THE BAND! gIVE THE GIRL A BREAK ………………NOT!

  22. sabrinaa says:

    i have a question..
    ive been wondering about it a lotttt.
    whys Paris always in the middle???

  23. LEESH says:

    To Ariel M: either you aren’t the real ariel or if you are whatever. that’s kinda mean. I understand you used to BE sara diamond but don’t diss her. Anyway (again I don’t know if its really you) you go girl! your going solo! you rock! your better without destinee and paris!! so just do your thing and don’t diss sara!

  24. LEESH says:

    cuz she’s shortest I think. it makes sense I guess. or she just want to hog the camera.

  25. havemoorefun says:

    Hey Guys , Its Ariel,

    I don’t know why but I am getting a Ton of people asking about my hair . If your one of the hundreds to ask LOL, my hair is naturally blonde. My mother is blonde and I take after her. We will both admit to lightning it a bit though. We both get highlights . My sisters take after my dad . Anyway,, thanks for asking and hope I helped . Love you guys and thanks s much for all your support.

    Ariel <3

  26. MissyouAriel says:

    I miss Ariel she rocks! Its not fair because in most music videos she got no attention the camra was mostly on Paris and Destinee! Sara kinda recked it because they are blonde and she is a brunette,she kinda ruins the whole ‘blondes’ thing!

  27. Matt says:

    hey folks, Sara Diamond is no more! Ha!!!! pwnd! Sara Diamond quit the group because of fans hate her and wanted Ariel to come back! So, end of story. Go to Clique Girlz website and you won’t see the pic of Sara anymore!

  28. )uliette says:

    agh did you knwo SARA AND ARIEL QUIT! SARA recently just QUIT the cllique girlz there down to 2.

  29. Ariel Moore says:

    Hi there. It’s me ariel Moore. I just wanted to say that me destinne and Paris will be getting back together now. it was all thanks to you guys. B?ye have to go and meet them to figure things out. hugs and kisses. <3

  30. brenda says:

    i heard that sara quited so now Paris and destinee are alone but ariel is great on her own

  31. tessss says:

    that was so not the real ariel!!!
    you aren’t getting back together!!!!

  32. Rachel says:

    OMG, I like Ariel better, but I honestly can’t really tell that much of a difference when they sing Then I Woke Up, I do hear a difference but not that big of one. Both versions sound good, but the one with Ariel sounds better. It doesn’t matter anymore though, Sarah left the group. I wonder what’s going to happen now. I mean, they can’t really have a group full of 2 people.

  33. KaTiE KaTi says:

    okay wow everyone! sara left the Clique Girlz, which was not fine with me! and everyone was dissing her, and I bet she felt really bad! think about this scenario: you’re the newest Clique girl, and you had so many auditions and stress but you were picked out of THOUSANDS of girls! but you’re also following in the shadow of Ariel Moore, a really good singer! but during some down time after recording, you Google yourself, find this website, and see all kinds of comments dissing you and begging for ariel back! how would you feel???????????????????????????? horrible! I know it doesn’t matter any more, but I think everyone should see how their comments can affect someone!

  34. lindsay says:

    im kinda upset that ariel left, but I’m gonna give sara a chance.she seems talented!sure its not gonna be the same, but give her a chance bfore ragging on her! :)

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