Clive Davis Says Kelly Should Follow Celine’s Path

Access Hollywood caught up with J Records chief Clive Davis who weighed in on Kelly Clarkson’s win on ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday. Clive said, “I really think that Kelly was the rightful winner for tonight.” He did temper some of the praise given during the competition though. “There’s no one there who’s a Whitney Houston. There’s no one there that’s a Barbara Streisand — or the next Aretha Franklin.” Clive suggests Kelly “definitely has special and unique talents. The model for her is the incredible career that Celine Dion has. Kelly needs a team around her who understands her talent — that understands that today, you need edge in order to get on MTV and VH1.”

Simon Says Kelly Was The Better Singer Without Question

September 5, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell told BBC News after last night’s ‘American Idol’ finale that there was an electric atmosphere at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, where Kelly Clarkson was voted the best of the show.

“Suddenly, where you shoot the Oscars, there they are, all of America’s watching, only one of them is going to win, but they were amazing,” he said. “It was a one sided competition as far as I was concerned because Kelly, without question, was the better singer.”

Kelly Clarkson Wins ‘American Idol’

September 5, 2002 – Kelly Clarkson beat out Justin Guarini in Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol’ finale, as most expected, including all three of the show’s judges. Clarkson got 58% of the vote and finished the show with her soon-to-be-released single ‘A Moment Like This’. An emotional Clarkson had troubles at times singing the tune, apologizing to the crowd. Unfortunately, her pal Nikki McKibbon was allowed near the mic and decided to help out, reminding everyone why she was voted off last week.

Kelly Clarkson Can’t Sing You ‘Happy Birthday’

August 31, 2002 – The New York Post reports Kelly was just about to sing “Happy Birthday” to a reporter at the press room of the MTV Video Music Awards when she realized her contract didn’t permit it, and apologetically noted, “I’m not allowed!”

Simon And Paula Pick Kelly To Win ‘American Idol’

August 30, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight spoke with ‘American Idol’ judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, each who thinks Kelly Clarkson will be the big winner next week. “If I had to bet, Kelly,” Cowell said. “It could all change, but that’s who I think today.” Paula Abdul added, “The thing with Kelly, she could sing ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and it would be a No. 1 single. [But] I think Justin is still right there. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye.”

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