Clive Davis Shares His Thoughts On Mariah And Jacko

The Guardian chatted with Clive Davis to get his thoughts on artists who recently have had a falling out with their record labels, including at Sony and at Sony and Virgin. On Jacko, Davis said, “Do I think he could still have hits? Yes. Do I think he’s still talented? Yes. Do I think his current actions are sensible? No. I’d certainly take issue with Sony being prejudiced against black artists. I don’t see any evidence of that.” As for Carey, Clive explained why he didn’t go after the singer on J Records after she departed Virgin. “I think Mariah is very talented,” he says, “and can still have hits, but she wanted an unqualified key-man clause [allowing her to leave the label if specified members of Davis’s team leave] in her contract and I don’t think that works today.” Read more.

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