Clubbers Dance Hard To New Britney Spears Tracks

Star magazine has more details on Britney Spears’ secret visit to Show nightclub in New York where she previewed two tracks from her upcoming album. Show’s publicist Kelly Cutrone said, “The crowd just loved it! People started screaming, ‘It’s Britney!’ The dance floor was really packed. People were dancing very hard to the new stuff.”

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22 thoughts on “Clubbers Dance Hard To New Britney Spears Tracks

  1. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO!! you idiots. read between the lines. its from STAR magazine!!! the same STAR magazine that Britney was SUING after they claimed she did cocaine. the same STAR magazine that Britney gave her exclusive interview to a few weeks ago despite her SUING them Britney and star have made a deal to kiss each others ass. and this story is the first installment. and Britney is going to be her same old vocally challenged lip syncing puppet as ever. she’s already proved the puppet part, and we all know her vocals suck ass.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    dancing hard…you mean getting hard! lol eww did I just say that? anyways… I can’t wait to hear her new songs! I’ve liked every song she’s released because she’s Britney, I can’t hate on her! hehe

  3. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    I bet this album has some bass boomin’, ass shaking hot sh** on it. Britney’s gonna take over the airwaves, the billboard charts and the clubs with this new record. It’s time to put the nail into Christina and Timberlake’s coffins!

  4. BritneyisTheBest2003 says:

    YES! I am so happy she isn’t doing a cry baby album (aka Justified) or a creepy boring CD either (Stripped) she is doing a really great dance album that will explode all over the place. She will survive and that’s exactly what she wants to announce on this LP. Expect her to finally become the ultimate club staple with this CD. CAN’T WAIT!

  5. ktkins143 says:

    It’s cool to have some dance songs-but I hope she actually has some songs of substance…she never has before, and since she’s “re-inventing” herself yet again, maybe she will.

  6. Ariel says:

    Sad, sad, sad. You guys think that because some producers gave her some beats to dance to that Britney made good music? Too bad her cow in heat voice is still singing them. I guess we can hope that the bass covers her voice. Please if she ever releases anything of any real substance, I will die of shock.

  7. brownsuga says:

    Britney is a fake ass slut, who’s being hyped up by the record company, don’t believe the hype guys, Britney sucks and will always suck, that’s why she has to take her clothes off to get people interested in her.

  8. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Damn, all the info we’ve heard on the new album has been very positive, this is something new for Britney! I’m glad she’s taking her music towards this direction cause it suits her best, and she has a huge club following! I would get pissed if she took the RnB route just to be on the safe side, like some of her contemporaries…

  9. ktkins143 says:

    singing R&B isn’t on the safe-side for all artists…its safe for her NOT to sing it actually because she doesn’t have that kind of a voice, she couldn’t pull it off she can sing dance songs well…that’s it, so actually she’s playing it safe because she knows she can make good music by singing just dance songs

  10. Buffy_Bloom006 says:

    Isn’t it funny that it was her Publicist that said all that! Bull *****! My friends were there that night and they said they audience did no such thing, they responded like any other song at the club. Can you really imagine some horny drunk clubbing people go “Hey Its Britney!Golly Gosh! I think I’ll go listen to Oops I did it again at home tonight while finishing drinking my hot cocoa!” Be realistic people! Oh by the way tot he haters-since when does Britney not have a gay dancing songs on her album? wow this is not first-call me when she gets some substance in her music

  11. Buffy_Bloom006 says:

    Oh BTW miss perfectlyimperfect (the name suit you) since when does taking the R&B route being “safe” I suppose the normal Pop-sugarcoated goodness is risque? LMAO if you like Britney that’s fine-your own loss-by lying about everything she does to make her look wonderful is a little sad when you can’t even do if 4 your own selves! THERE’S A WHOLE NEW WORLD BESIDES BRITNEY PEOPLE! WHETHER YOU’D LIKE TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT! lol

  12. brownsuga says:

    ^Buffy you speak too much truth, that never happened at the club, clubbers are not interested in Britney only silly little teeny boppers would act that way to a Britney song, her publicist should keep on dreaming and stop lying, all she and her people do is lie to everyone.

  13. socram says:

    Oh shut up and admit that you know most of the lyrics to Britney’s songs!!! leave her alone!!! SHE RULES!

  14. babet says:

    That is so true. Britney cannot sing R&B. She’s only good for dance songs. It gives her an excuse not to sing live because of her “dancing”.

  15. babet says:

    ^ buffy.. I agree with everything you said because it all makes perfect sense… publicist and her people would say ANYTHING to stretch the truth and to promote her stanky album. That’s the only way to make Britney’s album a success because we all know she can’t pull it off with just “talent”. she must be pro at manipulating her fans by now…

  16. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    I hope all this hype will be worth it. I just don’t want another ‘Britney’ or more lipped performances, they are no excuse.

  17. wh says:

    Too bad. She’s gonna lip-synch and there ain’t ***** you can do about it. And you can bet your ass this won’t be another “Britney”.

  18. britney4ever says:

    blah blah blah..all you can say is Britney sucks, she’s a slut, but she’s always on top with every album she came! That’s it! She rules!

  19. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    I can’t wait for Britney new album to come out, because it is gonna be hella tight, just like the rest of her sh!t, because she is Britney, and you can’t go wrong with that!! can’t wait! Oh yeah and anyone who be hating on Britney, Christina, or Justin, better get to stepping, because I’ll beat your ass personally,! they all are the sh!t, and don’t say any different! Love ya all (jt, xtina, brit)

  20. Jeff_tNET says:

    LOL its hilarious how people like ‘Buffy’ and ‘babet’ make is so damn obvious that they are in love with Britney. you guys come and read every single article on Britney at popdirt, then comment on it and say she’s a slut, she has no talent, etc. (saying the same thing on every post), but we all know that on the inside that you are a Britney fan and you are hiding it, otherwise you wouldn’t read all the Britney articles. anyways, if she did suck, then why has she sold 50 million albums in 4 years, had sold out concerts all over the world? back to the subject – I’m not sure if I believe that Britney actually did have DJs play some track from her new album, but if she did then I’m sure that the reaction of the people there was just as this article says! I cannot wait for the new album, its gonna be freaking awesome!

  21. perfectly-imperfect says:

    I have a feeling that some of you will be choking on your words come this fall… And ~Buffy~, how am I lying about everything she does to make her seem wonderful? Hey douchebag, I’m a fan, of course I’m gonna defend her…And you’re lying by saying your ‘friends’ were there that night to try to validate your statement…We all know you have no friends with that attitude… What’s popular on the radio? RnB…Which is why she would be safer off taking that route…Instead of your ‘friends’ reporting what happens in the clubs, maybe you should exactly go to one yourself…Britney’s songs are played every time I go, so your theory is bullsh**..

  22. inurdreams456 says:

    Some of you people are stupid. I’m sure I’m not the first to think, or say that. If Britney wants to take her damn clothes off, she’s going to, none of your opinions will stop her, because they’re just opinions, and she doesn’t know who the hell you are, so why should your opinion matter? Its not like Christina didn’t do the same, to an extreme way more than Britney ever will. Since when is showing your stomach, legs, and cleavage a new thing? I can name many artists who do it. Don’t be a hypocrite, if you’re gonna rag on her because of it, I expect you to rag on every single other artist who does. She’s an entertainer, let her do her thing.

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