Cochran And Barkley Comment On Jacko Incident

Arthel Neville of CNN’s Talkback Live spoke with Johnny Cochran and former NBA star Charles Barkley about the shocking baby dangling incident in Berlin on Tuesday. Cochran called it a “absence or lapse
of judgment momentarily” while Charles wanted to get on to something more serious to talk about. Read on for a brief transcript.

NEVILLE: OK. Listen, let’s go on and move on to now.
admits he made a terrible mistake when he held his youngest
son over a hotel balcony in Berlin. Jackson says he got caught up in the
excitement of the moment and carried away by fans who wanted to see the

He says he would never intentionally endanger the lives of his children.
And today Jackson appeared at the same window with one of his older children.
But this time, he stayed inside the railing. And Mr. Cochran, I want to
ask you, the prosecutors in Germany say that they would investigate only
after receiving a complaint. And I want to know if you feel the videotape
is enough evidence to pursue child endangerment charges?

COCHRAN: No, I don’t think so. I think it’s in the absence or lapse
of judgment momentarily. I don’t think he meant anything by it. He loves
these kids, clearly. I would like to see it end there. We’re making much
to do about nothing on it.

BARKLEY: I completely — first of all, Michael Jackson, I’m biased.
He’s my favorite entertainer ever. I think he’s the greatest entertainer
who lived during my generation. He made a mistake, he apologized, let’s
get on something serious.

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