Cody Simpson And Andrew Watt Video Chat With Fans

Cody Simpson and Andrew Watt chat with fans via YouTube video
checked in with producer Andrew Watt in the latest installment of “The Paradise Series: Episode 39”, where the Australian pop singer takes a few minutes to sit down and chat with his fans about his upcoming US acoustic tour.

Asked what he’s looking forward to most about the tour, Cody said, “Being able to put on a unique, intimate experience every night for the fans. Somthing a little different, a little more raw and casual. Then things I’ve done in the past, if fans come to two shows, they’ll get a different experience every night. We’re gonna be changing up the set list, playing different songs, and just keeping it casual, maybe go out and perform barefoot.”

Asked about what inspired him to perform the songs acoustically, Simpson responded, “I love playing them acoustically because it gives you more of a chance to strip back all of the production and really just focus on what the lyric means and focus on the very few instruments that are there.”

Watch the chat via YouTube below.

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