Cody Simpson, Andrew Watt Discuss ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ LP

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In the latest episode of Cody Simpson’s The Paradise Series, the Australian pop singer offers an inside look at the making of his upcoming album ‘The Acoustic Sessions’, out November 19th, with comments from Cody and producer Andrew Watt.

Cody remarked, “Being in the studio for such an extended period of time and just being able to experiment with different ways to sort of translate songs off my album and also all the songs into the artist that I am now and the artist that I have become at this present day, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to sort of take things that you did when you were a little less experienced and a little less developed and experienced as an artist and as a musician, and to be able to translate them into something that relates to you now.”

Andrew WattSimpson continued, “As a singer songwriter, the number one goal and what I enjoy most is being able to sit down for someone, or for a small group of people, and be able to play a song for them up close and personal, intimately, but unfortunately that’s not something that I can accomplish for every single person, so the goal with these recordings is for my fans to be able to sit in their bedroom and put on their headphones and for it to almost feel as though I’m sitting right there next to them with my guitar, singing these songs into their ears and being able to create that listening experience.”

What he liked best about the direction he and Watt took on the album, Cody said, “What I really like about this project is that we had no boundaries. In projects that I’ve done in the past, I had to keep myself in say, ‘Hey, you have to go a certain way with this song, you have to go a certain way with this song’, where with this project we really opened our minds and that’s what made it that much more special to us both was to be able to go anywhere we wanted with it. The fact that every single song turned out a way we had envisioned was incredible.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

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