Cody Simpson Launches “Cody Crunch” Breakfast Cereal

is out with a new breakfast cereal called “Cody Crunch”. The cereal loving pop singer and top-ranked swimmer in his native Australia personally chose the all-natural, organic ingredients and helped design the unique “cereal capsule” packaging.

Only available online at, Cody Crunch is a healthier alternative to most celebrity endorsed breakfast products which, more often than not, are loaded with fat and sugar. Each serving of Cody Crunch has 155 calories, 6 grams of sugar and provides 17% of the daily recommendation of fiber. The blend contains organic dried apples, dark chocolate covered goji berries, healthy hoops and multigrain flakes.

“I wanted to have my own cereal for as long as I could remember,” Simpson said. “My Mom used to give me chocolate covered gojis as a snack before my swim meets, so they were the first ingredient I chose for Cody Crunch. I really hope everyone enjoys eating it as much as I enjoyed making it!”

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