Cody Simpson On Choosing Which Girl To Serenade

Cody Simpson on selecting serenaded girls

In a recent episode of The Paradise Series, lets viewers in on how he selects the special girl to go on stage with him and be serenaded during his performance of ‘Can I Be Your Gentleman?’ The clip is taken from the Australian pop singer’s concert in Manchester, England.

“What you guys don’t know, is that before the show I’m creeping behind curtains like up in the risers and balconies, looking down at the crowd and trying to find the right girl for me to bring up on stage. Cody Simpson acoustic guitarThen, I report back to Justin Sterling here, who will go out and bring her up right before the song and surprise her.”

After bringing the girl up and getting comments from the excited fan wearing “Cody’s Angel” wings, Cody said post concert, “So the show just finished here in Manchester, and now I’m just chilling here backstage in my dressing room, playing some guitar, and just thinking about the show. It was a really, really good one tonight, and the crowd loved it and it’s very humbling for me to share such an intimate experience with a fan like the one you just saw. I wish I could share it with everyone, but I’ve got to chose one person every night, you know. You never know, you guys could be that girl sometime.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

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