Cody Simpson ‘On My Mind’ Video Pictures

Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot

Images from Cody Simpson’s new ‘On My Mind’ music video shoot have been made available. The video that was recently shot in Los Angeles features a guest appearance from Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey Baldwin. ‘On My Mind’ will premiere later this month. Check out additional pictures from Phil McCarten below the cut.

Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot
Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot
Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot
Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot
Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot
Cody Simpson 'On My Mind' video shoot

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17 thoughts on “Cody Simpson ‘On My Mind’ Video Pictures

  1. mallory bedell says:


  2. amanda padluq says:

    I love you Cody you are really amazing and hot<3

  3. Doria says:

    I love Cody Simpson. I love all his videos. well, I like him and his dancing just not the girls that play his love interests. JEALOUS!!

  4. Doria says:

    Oh yeah, and “On My Mind” is my fave song! Well, favorite song by Cody. My ULTIMATE fave song is “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj. you know what’s cool, Cody and I share the same fave book!!! “Ice Station” by Matt Reilly. YEAH! OMFG!! I’m listening to “On My Mind” I’m at the part where he like, “I CAN’T GET YOU OFF My MIND! after the first verse. SORRY!!! I’M BABBLING! GTG! ON MY MIND!

  5. melissa gonzalez says:

    I love this song so much Cody

  6. lauren simpson says:

    I <3 Cody so much he is an inspiration to my life !!!

  7. renny mae says:

    I hate him so much !

  8. megan simpson davis bieber wisker squarepants says:

    He has a big willy

  9. tegan gilson says:

    Renny Mae everybody has an opinion but if you are a hater then don’t post a comment I love Cody so I back him up all the way. I don’t mind if you don’t like him but there is no need to put it on here :) xx

  10. Sky Waterz says:

    I think that Mr. Cody Simpson is an amazing 14 year old Australian singer. He has this certain…personality that shows that he’s real, and not one of those teenie-bop popstars. Whether it’s a concert, music video, live show, or interview, he brings this style and shows this humbleness that makes you know that he’s a great, talented kid (and might I add, he is very attractive). He’s got amazing songs out which I think everyone can relate to. So, on that note I wish Cody all the best!! 1-4-3 Cody!
    Best Wishes,
    Sky Waterz

  11. Karine Kristoffersen says:

    OMG, I love you! I’m your biggest fan! I have a thousand posters of you in my room, you are insanely cute, nice, pretty, and lovely voice! You are insanely much better than Justin! You are the best, best, best, best, best! I wish I were with you!I’m in love with you, I have NEVER been so in love before! Yesterday as I was crying because I did not know you, ‘(!

  12. Karine Kristoffersen says:

    I am in complete agreement with Sky Waterz <3<3<3<3<3

  13. Mallory Bieber Simpson says:

    I love Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber. Cody Simpson is amazing and his songs are so inspiring

  14. Brittney says:

    He is hot for being only 14

  15. tiara says:

    the girls you are with in you in the music vids are so lucky i luv u no matter what anybody says

  16. nazesh parveen says:

    i love cody simpson so much, he is so fit. i love his new song On My mind. i wish i were with him

  17. Princess says:

    I LOVE Cody Simpson cause he is so fit and hot. I LOVE his new song On My Mind!!!!

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