Cody Simpson Performs At Toronto’s Siren Music Festival

Cody Simpson sunglasses

In the newest episode of The Paradise Series, travels to Toronto to perform in front of over 7,000 fans at the Siren Music Festival in Dundas Square.

“It should be a good one,” the Austrlian pop singer said about the gig while at the airport. “I’m really excited. I’m really tired. I really didn’t get much sleep last night so I’m gonna try to snooze a little bit on the flight.”

After landing in Toronto, Cody checked in again en route to the venue. “We’re on our way to soundcheck right now, which is a very restricted, limited amount of time to get it done, so we’re on our way, we’re racing down there. There’s already a ton of people there, so very excited.”

Check out behind-the-scenes footage documenting Cody’s travels and check out his performance in Toronto in the YouTube clip below.

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