Cody Simpson Rides Kraken Roller Coaster, Checks Out Sharks At SeaWorld Orlando

Cody Simpson sticks out his tongue while riding the Kraken roller coaster at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida

The latest episode of Cody Simpson’s ‘Wish U Were Here’ Summer Series sees the teen making a visit to a theme park in Florida with his sister Alli Simpson and Josh.

“Good day. This is Cody here,” the Australian pop singer said at the beginning of the video. “Welcome to episode 8 of the ‘Wish U Were Here’ summer series. I haven’t had a day off in a while but we’re here in Orlando. I have a day off here. We’re gonna go to SeaWorld and I’m going to give you a little insight of what it’s like on a day off with me at a theme park.”

After petting some stingrays and seeing Josh apparently get nervous enough to wet his pants, they went on to see the killer whales show off their talents.

“Right now we’re dining in this nice restaurant with sharks, honestly,” Cody said, pointing at the massive tank behind him. “Look at the teeth on this thing! I’m definitely not ordering seafood.”

Cody and company then went to check out the seal lions, feeding one some fish. The webisode wraps up with the group getting on the theme park’s Kraken roller coaster.

Watch it via YouTube below.

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