Cody Simpson Talks About How He Was Discovered On YouTube

Cody Simpson LA

Wright of KIIS FM in Los Angeles spoke with about how he was discovered on YouTube, music, surfing, and sharks. “I started posting videos a year and a half ago, and it was only a few months later this guy, Shawn Campbell, a music producer here, he contacted me, but with all the internet danger now and stuff, my parents thought he was [suspicious],” Cody explained. “But then we Googled him and we gave him a call on Skype and he was real.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Cody Simpson Talks About How He Was Discovered On YouTube

  1. isabel castro bivins says:

    When I hear the name “Cody Simpson”, I think of a person who will 1 day have TONS OF SCREAMING FANS RUNNING after him. But, I think that he culd use a little less of Justin Bieber’s moves and be more of himself in his music videos.Other than that,I think he is a very talented kid/singer.

  2. Karissa Simpson says:

    Lmfao my last name will come in handy! Can’t believe we have the same last name! Your such a cutie Cody! True FAN! #yolo love ;)

  3. oreo girl says:

    cool music cody just be your self and rock at what you do :):):P;)

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