Cody Simpson’s Mouth Is Free From Jail

Cody Simpson no braces

talked to Radio Disney about his tour, his first Christmas away from Australia and getting his braces off on Radio Disney’s Celebrity Take with Jake.

“I felt like my mouth was in jail and now I’m free,” Cody said. “I can eat what I like.”

“I’ve been on my promo tour, performing and stopping by at middle schools actually, doing House of Blues, lots of radio visits and stuff like that. I’ve been having a great time doing what I love.”

On Australian Christmas traditions in the summer, he said, “It’s about always going to the beach with all my friends and stuff over Christmas. Actually, this will be my first cold Christmas. Instead of going back to Australia for Christmas, Australia is coming to me. A lot of my family and friends are coming over, so I’m gonna have a good time. I’m gonna be out in Los Angeles actually. I’m going to be doing a lot of Jingle Jams and Christmas shows and stuff like that.”

Watch the interview and performance via YouTube below.

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