Coke Binge Leaves Whitney In Coma-Like Stupor For 2 Days

The Globe reports Whitney Houston’s worst and most recent cocaine binge triggered a collapse that lasted for two days, which started after she attempted to record a song at the Crossroads studio at her New Jersey estate. A friend revealed, “She’s falling apart and sinking fast. When she’s out cold like that, they can barely wake her. But nobody dares call 911, because they’re afraid it’ll turn into another celebrity overdose scandal.”

Sources say Whitney couldn’t hit a note when recording and her raspy voice kept cracking. Afterwards, a source revealed, “Bobby suggested a ‘little pick me up’. He may have wanted to make her feel better, but more cocaine was the worst thing she could have done.”

The formerly socially active couple have been holed up at home and friends worry, “All she wants to do is stay at home, sleep, and do drugs. She seldom gets out of bed. She just can’t break the cycle.”

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