Coke Habit Leaves Singer’s Record Deal In Peril

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which singer is in danger of losing her record deal because of her out-of-control drug habit? The chick has shed worrying amounts of weight in recent months because of her penchant for the white stuff and label bosses have issued her with a frank warning.”

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4 thoughts on “Coke Habit Leaves Singer’s Record Deal In Peril

  1. sushz0r says:

    gee I wonder who it is. we all know who the fully loaded chick is.

  2. malibu says:

    as soon as it mentioned shedding worrying abouts of weight, it totally gave the impression this is about Lindsay lohan, but the mirror is british so if its a brit pop star, I don’t know, I’m not familiar with any of them.

  3. astrange1 says:

    Besides…’, ‘everyone thinks of Lindsay as more of an actress than a singer (she CAN act but she CAN’T sing). I doubt the folks at her label would have much to say to her. Her “musical” career is little more than a vanity project so she can go toe-to-toe with her main rival on the teen queen scene.

  4. chickenlittle says:

    Its not about Lindsay Lohan – no where in the blurb does it say fully loaded or give any clues linking it to Lindsay its about Amy Whinehouse a british r’n’b singer – the clue is when they say “Frank” warning – Frank was the name of her debut solo album

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