Colbie Caillat Talks About Her Mom And Motherhood

sat down with for an interview, where the singer songwriter talked about how she benefitted from her mother being a stay at home mom when she was growing up, how her mother is a huge role model and not wanting to be selfish when Colbie does have kids, how her mother can make friends with anyone, how she always knew she wanted to be a singer growing up, what kind of influence she’ll might be when she has children, and more. Watch the interview below.

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One thought on “Colbie Caillat Talks About Her Mom And Motherhood

  1. Jackie Harmon says:

    My son, Mark Harmon and I took 2 years of flute lessons.
    Mark cannot read music but on his flute he composed and copyrighted
    33 short (about 2 minutes each) pieces which he would like someone to arrange and perform (I think several pieces could be combined into lovely songs. Mark (a tennis instructor) is not looking for money or fame. He just wants his pieces to be performed. Perhaps you could help. My adult son and I live by the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Every night from 6-7pm the Kennedy Center presents emerging artists on their
    “Millennium Stage” and pays a small amount to the performers. Perhaps Colbie could contact Mark and send a DVD and one page resume to the Kennedy Center requesting to perform on the Millenniaum Stage. The Center videotapes the performers while performing and presents them on the Center’s website as they perform:
    I hope this will help Colbie and that Colbie can help Mark.
    I was so impressed to read Colbie’s acknowledgement of her mother. My son is on twitter and one of his followers is Ken Caillat, Colbie’s father.

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