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Colette Carr

Colette Carr answered several questions from her Twitter followers (@ColetteCrazy) earlier today in the hours leading up to her and Frankmusik’s ‘No I.D.’ single release on Cherrytree Records. Among them:

Mint chip duh RT @simoncurtis: @ColetteCrazy ooh ooh, favorite flavor of ice cream??!

Thursdays! Cause @ 5pm Pacific my radio show airs and I get to kick it with the goers RT @DaynaE502: @ColetteCrazy favorite day of the week?

Math :) and English #SuperNerd RT @narasgp: @ColetteCrazy favorite school subject? :D

My sisters is “Islands of a Dolphin” lol I love Stairway to Heaven RT @reeshasykes: @ColetteCrazy what’s your favourite book? :) x

Tea!! :-) RT @Estherryn: @ColetteCrazy do you prefer tea or coffee for your beautiful morning?

Oatmeal :-) or cold pizza RT @xTeamHailee: @ColetteCrazy What’s your favorite breakfast ?

Breakfast Club RT @kayjeanette: @ColetteCrazy favorite 80’s movie?

BLUE! RT @GuimaraesThalys: @ColetteCrazy hey Carr what’s your favorite color?

United States of Tara RT @MusicISForeve20: @ColetteCrazy what’s your favorite TV show?!?

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