Colin Farrell And Lindsay Lohan Aren’t An Item

The New York Post advises not to believe reports in In Touch magazine that Colin Farrell was kissing and making out with over the weekend. The two just flirted at Marquee Friday night before Farrell met up with Mary Ellen Matthews, the woman who takes the still photos shown during breaks on ‘Saturday Night Live’, later.

Update: A source inside Lindsay Lohan’s camp Tuesday confirmed to Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times that the teen queen was dating Colin Farrell. “We’ll see how long this lasts — I give it two weeks — but they are definitely dating,” the source blabbed.

Update #2: After the The New York Post questioned The New York Daily News’ item that hooked up with Colin Farrell last weekend, the Rush & Molloy column today writes, “Doubt not that Lindsay Lohan and Colin Farrell hooked up last week. Our source for Tuesday’s item was practically under the bed.” When Farrell did chat with another woman at the ‘Saturday Night Live’ wrap party at Viscaya, Lohan playfully flipped Farrell the middle finger.

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2 thoughts on “Colin Farrell And Lindsay Lohan Aren’t An Item

  1. Clara106 says:

    I’m not surprised. it seems like Colin gets attached to every woman who gets within five feet of him. if all of the rumors were true, he would have dated every woman he has worked with, spoken to, and been seen in the same room with. and besides, Lindsay is WAY too young for him.

  2. Thalia_Lover says:

    Very hard to believe really, and isn’t he a dad, anyway? So how is he dating her, she is TOO young !

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