‘Complete’ Album Mystery Solved

Contributed by Fantasy677:

Kim Criss from CDNOW e-mailed me back with the following information about the 20 artists listed as having a July 23rd release date for albums with the same title, “Complete”.

I have found out information of the new release album called The Complete Set due out on 07/23/02.

The album is actually an interview set which includes as follows:

A book Confidential by Angie Nichols an interview Cd and a 96 page booklet.

A book N*Sync Confidential by Angie Nichols an interview Cd and a 96 page booklet.

A book Britney Every Step Of The Way by Felicia Culotta and Britney Interview and Booklet with 200 photos.

The book Will Smith: Scene 5 by Dave Stern and the Will Smith Maximum Audio Biography Cd.

The Unofficial Book of Ricky Martin by Kathie
Berquist, Ricky Martin interview Cd and a 64 page booklet.

And more.

Melinda Posts Update On Guys

July 10, 2002 – Melinda’s updates from the road had an update today with Melinda telling fans, “Here is the big news…. Joey is going to be on Broadway! He is doing the Musical RENT. He is doing the part of Mark. He opens sometime in August, and as of right now will be doing it thru November or December. Justin is still doing his thing writing with different people, Lance is in Russia training and studying away, JC; I can’t keep track of him, he has become quite the social butterfly (I think he is catching up with all the friends he hadn’t had time to see) hahaha. Chris has also been traveling to different charity events and visiting friends. See you at CFTC.”

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