Conan Takes Digs At Christina Aguilera, J.Lo And *NSYNC

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday, “During MTV’s European Music Awards, a woman jumped on stage and took off all her clothes. Yeah. True. Yeah. Then security jumped up and led Christina Aguilera back to her seat.” He later joked, “According to MSNBC, the other night, actress Tara Reid disappeared into a hotel men’s room with several members of *NSYNC. Apparently, what’s going on. Tara Reid said it was an honest mistake. ‘I was following the guys. So I just assumed it was the women’s room.'” Finally Conan joked, “It was reported today that Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Cris Judd, and her fiance, Ben Affleck, have the same birthday. Isn’t that weird? When asked about it, J.Lo said, ‘Hey, if you marry enough guys, two of them are bound to have the same birthday’.”

Says Ben Affleck Will Be Sexy Even When He’s 100

November 20, 2002 – Ben Affleck is this year’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ People magazine announced Wednesday. His fiance Jennifer agrees. “I didn’t need People magazine to tell me he’s the sexiest man alive,” Lopez said in the magazine’s annual issue, which comes out Friday. “The difference between me and People magazine is that he’ll still be the sexiest man alive in my eyes when he’s 100 years old.”

Matt Damon Says Ben Affleck Is Happier Than Ever

November 20, 2002 – Billy Masters of reports that when asked how pal Ben Affleck was doing now being engaged to Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon said, “Even when he lost his virginity, he wasn’t this happy.”

No Truth To Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd Sighting In Vegas

November 20, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal says a report that had Jennifer hanging out in the same nightclub as ex-husband Cris Judd in Vegas was untrue. Reps from Light, the Bellagio club where J.Lo was supposedly sighted, say it didn’t happen. Jennifer Lopez’ publicist Allen Nierob, through a representative, said Lopez was in New York over the weekend.

Discussed On K104

November 19, 2002 – Flo Anthony and the K104 crew spent this morning talking about Jennifer and what’s really up with her impending marriage to Ben Affleck. They basically say J.Lo calls the shots in her relationship and if a big time producer came along that would offer her something better for her career, she’d dump Ben in a flash. They also brought up the beef with Ashanti over the ‘I’m Real’ track, which had her younger counterpart upset over not getting proper due for writing the hit. Audio has since been removed.

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