Conclusive Proof That Britney Sold Out Her Wedding For Publicity

Contributed anonymously:

We all know the basic story. Britney Spears “exclusively” sold her wedding photos (and a post-wedding interview) to the British magazine, ‘OK!’. ‘People’ magazine, in America, which is affiliated with ‘OK!’, bought the photos and interview from ‘OK!’ and had their own “exclusive” within the US. Most would argue that this was attention seeking enough – selling your photos, and doing an interview mere days after the ceremony, but it gets far worse.

Britney and Kevin Federline actually posed for two sets of pictures, one for each magazine. The proof: Picture 1 (since removed). Kevin removing the garter from Britney’s leg, as seen in PEOPLE magazine. No one else in the picture, Britney standing up. Picture 2 (since removed). Britney now sitting, surrounded by people, as Kevin removes the garter once again, as seen in OK! Magazine.

Even her most diligent apologists cannot deny what has been caught on camera. Britney and Kevin, posing for the same ‘tradition’ TWICE, one for each magazine the pictures were “exclusively” sold to. They went to pitiful lengths to get the maximum profit from their pictures. This was no ‘surprise’ wedding, no ‘sacred day’ like Britney claims. It was a posed photoshoot. It was TWO posed photoshoots.

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