‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’ Is A Classic In The Making

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might well have the “Biggest Hit” of her career & of course this would come from her latest masterpiece, Confessions On A Dance Floor. The album has peaked at No.1 in over 39 countries (a new record-beating the Beatles latest greatest hits album which has been No.1 in 35 countries). The first single “Hung Up” has been No.1 in 36 countries already and has been No.1 in the World & Eurocharts for its 7th & 6th weeks respectively. In a month & two weeks her album has sold an excess of 4 million copies & shipped 5.5 worldwide (more than the initial sales of Music & Ray Of Light).

Here are some of the reasons that this album might well be Madonna’s next classic:

1. It has been a critically acclaimed album. Billboard, Sun-Herald, Stylus Magazine, Observer Music Monthly and numerous other magazines have ranked this album in the top 20 of their year-end best albums list. Most of them note that this album is her “Best Work” since her Grammy-winning “Ray Of Light”.

2. With only a month after it’s release it has already broken World Records. Aside from the others previously mentioned, the first single “Hung Up” has garnered the biggest ever combined airplay, downloads & sales by any single since Mediatraffic has organized the United World Charts in 1998. Hung Up garnered a huge 548,000 index points to smash the previous record 511,000 points by another of Madonna’s chart-toppers “Music”.

3. It has been Madonna’s fastest-selling album ever. Two weeks after the album’s release it has already been certified double platinum by IFPI in Europe. In stark comparison, Mariah’s supposed comeback album “The Emancipation Of Mimi” has only been certified platinum in Europe after 8 months of release! Two months after it’s U.K. release, it already has projected U.K. sales of over 780,000 copies which is already half of the 1.5 million sales garnered by “Music” & “Ray Of Light”.

4. It will have more singles to be released than “American Life (3)”, “Music (3)”, or “Ray Of Light (4)”. According to her record company Warner Brothers, they plan to release (5) singles from this album. This means that the sheer quality of the singles have really gained their admiration & confidence. Accordingly Madonna’s record company has also delayed the release of her next single “Sorry”. Its initial release was January but has since been moved to February apparently because of “Hung Up’s” phenomenal run in the United World Charts.

Confessions On A Dance Floor has all the key ingredients to be a “Classic” to be cherished by all generations and has cemented Madonna’s status as the “Top Global Icon” this 21st century.
(sources: Warner Music, IFPI, Mediatraffic.de, & Billboard.com)

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