Constantine Spouts Off On Kelly’s ‘Idol’ Disloyalty

OK! magazine caught up with ‘American Idol’ finalist Constantine Maroulis and asked if he plans on distancing himself from ‘Idol’ like season one winner Kelly Clarkson. “No. Everybody knows that’s what gave her the opportunity for the country to see her,” he said. “Without ‘Idol’, she could still be waiting tables. She’s extremely talented and a big star, but I don’t think we can ever forget where we came from. That’s like if I were to turn my back on theater, saying, ‘I’m above that now.’ That’s not something I’d want to project, because that’s what first appealed to my fans.”

Simon Cowell Discusses ‘Idol’ Threat

December 7, 2005 – In an explosive behind-the-scenes battle, Simon Cowell was fighting to keep the right to sign ‘American Idol’ winners to his own label. At the same time, Cowell was threatening to sell his new UK talent show ‘X-Factor’ to a network other than FOX. “At one point, everyone was going to end up in court,” Cowell revealed to ‘Extra’. “On the day you’re going into court, you have a decision to make. Do you want to carry on working with each other? Or do you want to fall out? And both of us made a decision very, very quickly we wanted to work together.”

FOX Airs Behind-The-Scenes ‘Idol’ Secrets

December 1, 2005 – reports that the FOX Reality Channel will bring ‘American Idol: Season 4’ footage from the cutting room floor into your living room with ‘RealityRevealed.’ The show will give viewers the opportunity to see never-before-seen footage of the making of the 14-time, Emmy-nominated ‘Idol’ show that’s swept the nation by storm.

‘Gay Idol’ For Kelly Clarkson

September 18, 2005 – A new survey named Kelly Clarkson as the favorite artist of gay men in 2005, prompting Channel 95.5 in Detroit to host a karaoke contest on the air for gay men only. The winner got tickets to the ‘American Idol’ champ’s concert and two chances to meet her backstage. Pictures, including one with Clarkson and the winner, have since been removed from

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