Contestant Moves On In ‘Idol’ Despite Rudeness

On ‘American Idol’ Tuesday night, Kira Scott was nobody’s favorite. She told Simon, “The rumors must be true, you must be gay then.” Scott was also rude to Randy and upset Paula. After her performance, the angry ‘Idol’ thought she was going home. She said, “I feel like I made an ass out of myself, and I killed any chance I had.” Surprisingly, the judges gave Scott a second chance.

Frustration With ‘Idol’ Contestants Mounts For Simon Cowell

January 29, 2004 – ‘Extra’ caught up with ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell, who admitted that sitting through thousands of “no hopers” through the audition process is taking its toll. He said, “You can see on our faces you get frustrated because I think at most now you hope one good person walks in per day.” Still, Randy Jackson has faith. He says, “I think there are some pretty good contestants. The boys weren’t as good as the girls this time. This is the season of the girl. I think a girl is going to win, I really do.”

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One thought on “Contestant Moves On In ‘Idol’ Despite Rudeness

  1. JnChrisFan1 says:

    I thought she was good, but she was totally rude like seriously I was like what the hell is her problem, if your gonna be like that with people in there position then I don’t know how far your gonna go sweetheart. A lot of people have, you know said stuff to play around and everything but she was down right rude to all of them well more of Randy and Simon. I was like I like her she has a good voice but after that she lost my vote she still sings good but she has a bad attitude that just killed it for me

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