Continuing Mariah Carey – (The) Female Artist Of All Time

This continues a visitor submitted editorial sent in by Kizzardkid, arguing that is the best selling Female artist of all time.

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72 thoughts on “Continuing Mariah Carey – (The) Female Artist Of All Time

  1. nicole ryan says:

    hello guyz :) I’m NICOLE RYAN from PHILIPPINES :D I’m a HUGE fan of MARIAH CAREY . I believe that world music awards or any other awards cannot say and award mrs. Mariah Carey cannon :D if they have no basis :) ofcourse they will study and research about Madonna and Celine Dion sales. I have read in other comments that Mariah Carey have only success and influence in us and Japan ? I think they are WRONG!!! here in the Philippines, all of my classmates know about Mariah Carey. her past and present songs, have vocal abilities and style (whistle, vocal runs, the voice etc.) we even use her songs like “hero and when you believe” when we are performing doxology in our school. many of our singers influences Mariah Carey and sometimes uses whistle in their vocal style :) through the rain, eventhough its not successful in billboard. is Mariah Carey’s trademark song here in philippines. in her charmbracelet tour, over 30,000 fans of her in Philippines went to her concert. most fans in her charmbracelet tour :) always be my baby has been the theme song of my friend and her bf.. we belong together, bye bye, I stay in love, angels cry etc. etc. most of people here in the Philippines know Mariah Carey :) I believe that Mariah Carey has influence many people in her songs and voice in the whole entire world :D

  2. Compas/Music says:

    Hello,I live in Haiti and Mariah Carey is the most important international English female artist here ! She even surpass Celine Dion there,that is the most important francophone international artist in the country! Madonna music is unknown here ,but the woman is known by relatively some people.There is many haitian female artists that use some Mariah techniques in their music that is compas.I love O holy Night,Hero,Touch My body and Anytime You need a friend,Always Be My babi.
    Mariah voice is beautiful,and in our country,we nickname our greatest female diva Emeline Michel the “Haitian Mariah Carey ” or the Haitian ” Whitney Houston “,cause some of her vocals are very similar to these 2 American singers.

  3. js says:

    thats right Mariah Carey is more respectable artist throughout asia
    and other part of the world.

  4. nicole ryan says:

    JS , YEAH !! ABSOLUTELY RIGHT :D my heart is fullfilled when I saw lambs comments about Mariah Carey. now, I’m brave enough to say that my IDOL singer is MARIAH CAREY :D
    here are some of our singers who are singing or imitating MIMI’s style of singing:
    Regine Velasquez (singing can’t take that away, butterfly, my all etc.)
    jonalyn viray (singing oh holy night, fly like a bird , never too far, emotions etc.)
    kyla (singing anytime you need a friend , forever , emotions etc.)
    charice (Mariah Carey lamb, famous in youtube, guesting in Oprah singin through the rain, hero etc.) she even cry when she saw and hug the LEGEND Mariah Carey :D wow !!
    Nina (diamond soul siren) uses whistle in her vocal style. (singing never too far, through the rain etc.)
    that’s Mariah’s influence in our country … “Philippines”
    teenagers and adults here in Philippines always playing Mariah Carey songs such as
    * thank god I found you, always be my baby, obsessed, angels cry, bye bye, I stay in love, hero, when you believe, emotions, one sweet day, HATEU, all I want for Christmas is you, can’t take that away, my all, butterfly :D I wish Mariah Carey come again in Philippines and feel the HOT in here :D she said when performing in Philippines that its hot in here, she like it :D how grateful Mariah Carey like our weather :) by the way .. NO DOUBT .. SHE’S THE BEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME :)

  5. MOFF says:

    But there is no doubt, Madonna is the best selling, she may be more important in your country, and yes, she is probably The female artist of all time, but not the best selling :D

  6. Robert says:

    Mariah Carey is the ulimate diva !

  7. Laetitia says:

    Mariah Carey bon bagay ! Nou menm nan karaib la nou pa konnen lot atis ke Mariah Carey.Nou renmen li anpil ! se li menm ki pi konn chante pase tout moun sou late e ki gen pi bel vwa tou.
    Mariah Carey is the most popular female artist here in West Indies.Her songs are timeless and are continue to play on radio even today :
    Whitout You, Hero,My All, When You Believe,One Sweet Day,Anytime You Need A friend ,Always Be my babies,I want To Know What Love is,O Holy Night are Mariah songs that radio animators still play nawadays in my country.Even if we don’t have music Chart,but everyone love Mariah and listen on her songs.Every girls dream to have Mariah’s incredible voice and sing like her.
    Mariah is really the greatest female artist of all times.

  8. js says:

    madonna is famous because of her sexully oriented music video.
    but Mariah famous because of her wonderful voice and skill in writing songs.
    even though she can’t dance. anyway people go to her concert to see her singing not dancing!

  9. js says:

    moff go to your best selling female artist.
    atleast we love the best vocalist on earth and best female artist of all times

  10. MOFF says:

    So you accept that Madonna is the best selling female singer? ok.

    Some people maybe attend Mariah’s concerts, but they are just few.

  11. jen says:

    regine velasquez is not imitating Mariah , duh!

  12. nicole ryan says:

    jen, I said singing or imitating, just one of the does things .. did I say regine velasquez imitating Mariah Carey? duh!
    mr moff, ok, we know Madonna is best selling female according to blahh 3x .. but we are talking about THE BEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME :) MARIAH CAREY :D PERIOD :)))

  13. BUTTERFLY says:

    Moff,you fool ! More popular mean best selling one! Mariah sold more in the places she’s more popular than your Oldonna,in the same way Oldonna sold more in the places she’s more popular !
    And who talked about concerts ? We talk about overall achievements ,and your wannabe singer don’t hold a candle next to Mariah on this !Mariah is the best selling female artist of all times ,and the greatest female artist that ever live !
    Can you read ? this blog is titled : Mariah Carey Female artist of all times.Oldonna is mentioned nowhere there,see ?
    Go and keep spread your crapand lies about Aidsdonna sales in the pages that mention her,OK ?

  14. BUTTERFLY says:

    So Moff,you accept Mariah Carey is the Greatest Female artist Of all Times ?

  15. MOFF says:

    I accept Mariah is the greates female artist of all time because its a matter of opinion!
    Everyone has a different taste of music and talent, but being the best selling female artist, its a fact!

    More popular means best selling ?

    Sorry but you are false.

    OK. We can say: Madonna is more popular than Mariah Carey, because she has sold more, but for example Nana Mouskouri, she has sold more records than Miley Cyrus, is she more popular ?

    Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time, whereas Mariah is the greatest female artist for people, who think she is.

  16. js says:

    Mariah Carey is the best selling u\international artist in the following Asian country
    hong kong
    and all of the Asian coutry

    in america
    usa she outsold Madonna
    with 88.1 million sales
    madonna has 84.7million

    and more respectable diva

    and Mariah Carey is the reason of rnb revolution

  17. MOFF says:

    What about continents like Africa, America (also Latin america), Europe and Australia?
    Madonna outsells Mariah everywhere apart from USA. because she has sold also more in Canada.

  18. js says:

    what ever moff Madonna sold her sexual content music and videos!

  19. MOFF says:

    This debate is over. You should respect Madonna and accept that she is the best selling female artist and I accept Mariah is THE female artist of all time, for those who think she is.

  20. Butterfly says:

    Mariah is the best selling female artist of all times,and the greatest female artist ,Madonna is the best selling female artist only for fools and people who think she is.
    Mariah outsold Oldonna in Africa,Oceania,etc…Oldonna surpass Mariah only in Europe that is constituted by many micro markets.

  21. MOFF says:

    Mariah Carey is not the best selling female artist.

    Madonna’s album sales: 200m
    Mariah’s album sales: 170m

    Who says I’m wrong?

    Madonna is the best selling female artist.

  22. BUTTERFLY says:

    I say that you are wrong ! You lie! Mariah is the best selling female artist of all times !
    You said that even Celine sold more records than Mariah,but can’t prove it by facts.You just love Madonna and Celine,but dislike Mariah.You said Mariah sold a little bit more singles than Celine while you know that Mariah already outsold Celine in singles at the 1990’s by a respectable difference.At 2000,Mariah still ahead Celine by a respectable difference on singles sales.How could you bring to justify your lies? Citations? Awards? Celine has zero million seller single for the entire 2000 decade.If it was Mariah that would have no million seller single during a whole decade,Lucky Luke and you would say that Celine sold over 80 million singles over Mariah.But,since you hate Mariah and Love Celine,that makes Mariah outsold her only by 5 10 million singles.This is in that way you show how much you hate Mariah.You convince anyone by saying you love Mariah because you admit she has a better voice than Madonna and Celine.You lie about her sales,then accuse me to do that.You say Celine outsold Mariah’s albums by 25-30 million,but can’t prove anything on this.All that you can find is their respective “Chopard Diamond Award”.This is so silly ! Advised people doesn’t need the Chopard to explain clearly Celine’s and Mariah’s albums sales.Certifications sales could be enough,although most of Celine are overcertified shipments in Europe and Mariah’s are undercertified there.Mariah’s Merry Christmas album,TEOM,Mariah Carey,#1’S,Butterfly,Emotions are all undercertified by IFPI in Europe.But,let’s move on this.
    Moff and Lucky Luke hate Mariah so much, that they deny Mariah Carey and TEOM outsold Celine’s The Colour Of My Love and A New day Has Come although certifications show it clearly !
    Same goes for their respective other albums.
    Now,he try to say Mariah sold 5 million singles over Celine while Celine outsold Mariah’s albums by 25 – 30 million.Moff is ill and totally fool !
    Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all times !

  23. BUTTERFLY says:

    Moff,you’ll can’t prove even 30 million singles sold by Celine and don’t prove even 50 million ones sold by Madonna.Your claims lies on biased estimations and lies.Only Mariah really sold 100 million singles worldwide.Moff, don’t post any comment anymore since you claim this debate is over ! If you want to,don’t lie anymore about Madonna’s and Celine’s sales,then decrese Mariah’s.ok?

  24. BUTTERFLY says:

    I repeat this debate is not talking about sales,but global achievements.Mariah wins over all other female artists .
    Mariah Carey is the greatest female artist of all times !

  25. MOFF says:

    Butterfly is a big liar. No proofs, you are just a holy fool :

  26. BUTTERFLY says:

    @Moff: Insult me by calling me anything you want.But,that couldn’t change the facts that Mariah Carey is the greatest female artist of all times and the best selling female artist of all times !

  27. MOFF says:

    no, she is not. Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time :D :D
    You have no proofs, but I have :D

    Mediatraffic, IFPI, Guinness :D
    Certifications clearly show that Madonna is ahead of the game, sorry TRISH, Madonna is a better seller. Mariah may be the greate but she’s not the best selling, sry.

  28. tane says:

    wait Mariah Carey has sold 2 million albums in australia, says her daily journal site:)
    we Australian love here!!!

    woop woop! LAMBS WE ARE!
    love you mimi

  29. tane says:

    mariah has sold 64 million albums alone in the US
    she has sold 50 million albums in asia alone
    australia 2 million says her daily journal

    so wait just count 2 countinents and in those 2 continents she’s sold well over 100 million albums! 114 million plus aussie 116!!

  30. BUTTERFLY says:

    Moff said I have no proofs.But which proofs had you ever bring ? The Guinness citation? Do you think that a stupid citation could ever prove the real sales of an artist during almost 30 years ? This is so far to be enough and relevant.I repeat it for you a-hole, GUINNESS IS NOT A MUSICAL INSTITUTION THAT COUNT ALBUMS SALES! Madonna doesn’t even close 200 million albums and 100 million singles.You dream my dear ! Madonna worth 165 million albums and 68 million singles the very most !

  31. js says:

    japan alone she she has sold 27 million records

  32. MOFF says:

    So Butterfly ( a-hole :) ) how do you know the sales of Madonna?
    It doesn’t matter what Guinness is, it is a source!

    IFPI is a source! It is even a Music institution! And this institutions said: Madonna has sold over 200 million albums!

    And DEF Jam is also a music institution!
    And it said: Mariah Carey has sold over 200 million records worldwide! To be exact:

    It said: She has sold over 200 million albums, singles and videos worldwide!

    If you look at the certifications for Madonna’s singles, shutup did it, you can see that Madonna has sold over 100 million singles, whereas Mariah has sold 60 million!

    Go to hospital if you don’t trust sources.

  33. BUTTERFLY says:

    Moff,if I could just slap your ugly and stupid face ! how do IFPI know sales since its doesn’t count sales,only make partial estimations and statements? We already know IFPI’s lies and mistakes about some artists sales (Nana Mouskouri,etc…)Same goes for Mediatrafic.About Def Jam,you just look so silly and stupid to repeat this absurdity since Mariah’s already surpass 200 million at 2000 year.Def Jam claims surely meant that Mariah sold 200 million records since she integrate their label (2002-2011).IFPI
    said Madonna has sold over 200 million albums,in the same way it said Nana Mouskouri has sold 200 million albums! IFPI just lie in both cases.Sorry Moff,artists sales and achievements doesn’t lies on institutions citations,Awards,etc… They lies on concret facts.

    Go to hospital yourself Moff,if you still refuse to accept that your wrinkled idol doesn’t sold 200 million albums and 100 million singles,but 168 million albums and 65 million singles sweetheart !

  34. MOFF says:

    You should go to hospital, Trish, it amuses me, how you exagerate!

    Trish, tell me how do you know Madonnas and Mariah sales!

  35. BUTTERFLY says:

    Moff,stay at the hospital cause you are still sick ! tell me how does IFPI,Mediatrfic and Guinness knows Madonna’s and Mariah’s sales ?

  36. MOFF says:

    Your answer first cause I questioned you earlier :)

    IFPI is a music institution and shouldn’t be called biased. Your whole life is biaed caused you have no proofs!

  37. Cassie Hicks says:

    As soon as “All My Children” gets itself a new home,(ABC Daytime has pulled the plug on it) I’d like to have Ms. Carey as a musical guest on “All My Children” during November sweeps. Any young Pine Valley heartthob should sing a duet with her.

  38. nicole ryan says:

    Mariah Carey is the Best Selling Female artist of all time and the Best female artist of all all time :)

    Madonna, as I search in Wikipedia and other sources, is the top-selling female recording artist of all time .


    mr. moff, why is IFPI and guiness is not arguing in the world music awards that your Madonna is the blah 3x.. because they admit the Mariah Carey is the BEST SELLING AND BEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME AND THE DECAADE AND MILLENNIUM :D Madonna’s prime is in 80’s right? why doesn’t she become the best female artist of the decade ? I don’t know why ? xD

  39. MOFF says:

    She has been award as the best selling female pop artist of the 80s already, Nicole Ryan :D

    And: Top selling MEANS Best selling!

    Because? Because I assume she refused the Wolrd music Award, why else did IFPI mentioned 200 million albums sold by Madonna and Guinness said “top selling ..” because they lie?

    No because it is a fact that Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time.
    OK The debate’s name is “Female artist of all time” and I think Mariah Carey is the female artist of all time, but only for people who think she is, because it is a matter of opinion.

    Madonna has sold 200 million albums if you calculate all her album sales + 100 million singles ( look at the certifications each nation).

    and Mariah Carey has sold a total of 220 million records, with 55 million singles sold, already proved by her fan pages!

  40. Sue says:

    Mariah beat Madonna in USA and in Japan,the two greatest markets of the world.Mariah also beat Madonna in the world Asian continent.I assume taht Mariah refused Guinness and IFPI citations cause they are not based on real counts.

  41. MOFF says:

    Total sales of Madonna are higher in US. than Mariah’s.
    Madonna beats Mariah in:

    Europe by far
    Africa I don’t know
    South America

    Why should Mariah refuse IFPI citations and Guinness?

  42. nicole ryan says:

    hmm .. as you said to Mariah .. why will Madonna refuse the award in the world music awards ? why ? I think its just a rumor that Madonna fans recognize that ..
    Mariah Carey has been the BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST IN HISTORY .. because in only 10 years .. she has sold more that 150 million records .. did Madonna reach that level of selling ? I bet not !! TOP SELLING FEMALE ARTIST .. female who has sold most ! but I think 30 more years ! why are some talk show or events presenting Mariah Carey as the Best selling female artist of all time ? because its TRULY TRUE :D

    as I said ..
    WHY MARIAH IS BEST SELLING .. ~ in 20 years in her career .. she had sold more than 200 million records worldwide, in 10 years of her career, she had sold more than 150 million records worldwide :D WOW

    WHY MADONNA IS TOP SELLING .. ~ she had sold over 300 million records worldwide . in 30 more years of her career :)
    * Robert M. Grant, author of Contemporary Strategy Analysis (2005), commented that what has brought Madonna success is “certainly not outstanding natural talent As a vocalist, musician, dancer, songwriter, or actress, Madonna’s talents seem modest.” He asserts Madonna’s success is in relying on the talents of others, and that her personal relationships have served as cornerstones to the numerous reinventions in the longevity of her career ~ Madonna(entertainer)

    now I know why :))

    best selling artist of the 80’s ? wow .. in 90’s Mariah Carey hold the title for the best selling female artist .. and Michael Jackson STILL best selling male artist :)))

    GOOD JOB MARIAH CAREY .. no need to prove why you are the BEST :)))

  43. nicole ryan says:

    HAHA .. WOW .. I NOTICE THAT YOU MR. MOFF HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE REPRESENTOR of Madonna :) haha :D goodluck for you 6^_^

  44. MOFF says:

    :D nice Nicole.

    1. Madonna is the second best selling artist overall in the 80s, MTV declared Madonna as their top artist of the 80s. Dont get me wrong.

    2. Mariah Carey has sold 220 million records in 21 years career (1st studio album)

    3. Madonna has sold over 300 million records worldwide in 28 years of career (1st studio album).

    I know Madonna is not the talented singer, but she is ambitious, and that’s the matter. She could rose to superstardom, although she is not a Mariah Carey :)

  45. Mariah4ever says:

    Lie ! Madonna is nowhere second best seller of the 80’s ! Whitney Houston was the best selling female artist of the 80’s,not Madonna ! Madonna has just released more albums.Whitney sales were always higher than Madonna’s.MTV claimed that ? Why not CNN or any other TV channel ?MTV =Greatest Madonna supporter

  46. MOFF says:

    How do you know that?


    Madonna: 10m
    Lika Virgin: 21m
    True Blue: 23m
    WTG: 5m
    YCD: 5m
    Like a Prayer: 13m

    = 77m

    Whitney Houston:

    WHitney Houston: 25m
    Whitney: 21m

    = 46 million in total

    In the 80s, Madonna has sold more singles than Whitney, too.

  47. Mariah4ever says:

    Lie !Lie! True blue never sold more than Whitney !Whitney has sold more ! And Whitney singles had sold much more than Madonna’s ! Madonna had released just much more ones
    True sales

    Madonna 8m
    Like a Virgin 18m
    True Blue 21m
    WTG 4m
    YCD 4m
    Like a Prayer 12m
    Total = 58 m

    Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston 27 m
    Whitney 23 m

    Total =50 m

  48. Mariah4ever says:

    Excuse me
    Madonna total =67 million with 6 releases
    Whitney Houston 50 m with only 2 releases !
    Every singles of Whitney Houston had sold much more than any Madonna’s in the 80’s

  49. MOFF says:

    hahaha, I should laugh about this!

    Can you tell me where you got this information of sales?
    Whitney Houston: 27 m ?
    Whitney: 23 m ?

    25 million and probably 21 million sound better!

    Like A Virgin HAS sold 21 million, not 18 million!
    And True Blue has sold around 23 million, not 21 million.

    You try to decrease Madonna’s sales and increase Whitney’s sales!

    Whitney’s singles has sold much more than Madonna’s?


    Whitney’s biggest selling singles was “I wanna dance with somebody” with 4.2 million singles sold.
    Others like “Saving all my ..” haven’t sold more than 3 million. Most are about 1.5 to 2.5 million.


    Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer have both sold around 5 million to date, Papa Don’t preach almost 4, and La Isla Bonita over 4 million.

    Madonna has released more singles and more albums, yes.
    So she has sold more records in total.
    She is the biggest selling artist after Michael Jackson in the 80s!

  50. BUTTERFLY says:

    Whiney’s 1980 albums surpass Madonna’s.Madonna got the credit for the best selling female artist of the 1980’s because whitney’s albums didn’t counted rightalthought they continue to got sales certifications at the 1990’s decade,unlike Madonna’s.Whiney sold more albums than Madonna in facts !

  51. BUTTERFLY says:

    Madonna has sold 230 million records worldwide while Mariah has sold 300 million records worldwide. Mariah is the best selling female artist of all times ! No question about it !

  52. MOFF says:

    So give me proofs :D
    When you think this, there have to be other sources, which would be right, but I’ve just seen sources who claim Madonna as the best selling female artist, so are they biased?

  53. TRISH says:

    Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all times ! Madonna is far behind Mariah on sales,this is all the truth.

  54. MOFF says:

    So, of it’s true, there should be a magazine or a source in the internet, which claim the same as you do?

  55. BUTTERFLY says:

    And all the crap singles you cite from Oldonna sold much lower than any Whitney single !
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody = 6,5 m
    Greatest Love Of All =5m
    Saving All My Love For You =4m
    Oldonna best selling singles in the 80’s were :
    Like A Virgin =3,5 m
    Like A prayer =3 m
    and Whitney 2 best selling albums in the 80’s sold way more than any album of Madonna in the 80’s !

  56. MOFF says:

    Where did you get this information? I wanna know it.

  57. BUTTERFLY says:

    I’ll tell you when you’ll be a normal guy

  58. BUTTERFLY says:

    And don’t compare trash crap Oldonna to true artists Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.She don’t deserve so !

  59. MOFF says:

    I am a normal guy, Trish.

    It doesn’t matter whether you think “Oldonna” is a true artist or not.
    Tell me your facts, please like a normal person.

  60. TRISH says:

    Mariah is ahead of Madonna on records sales worldwide Moff,sorry.

  61. MOFF says:

    Sorry Trish. We first have to discuss the “Illuminati” topic further till the end.

    Besides that, the facts show Madonna is ahead.

  62. TRISH says:

    Sorry Moff.Besides the fact by which Madonna’s sales are increased by institutions while Mariah’s are decreased by institutions because Illuminati manage them.The facts shows Mariah Carey is ahead of Madonna !

  63. TRISH says:

    Moff, Mariah Carey is the greatest female artist of all times !
    If you really want to debate about sales with me ,just post comments on the Madonna Vs Mariah debate.I await you !

  64. MOFF says:

    Emm Trish .. I said: If we don’t involve the Illuminati in this, facts show Madonna is ahead. you have to accept it.
    But .. you think the Illuminati are involved in the record sales by increasing Madonnas.
    So we have to go on in the other debate.

  65. TRISH says:

    Moff,you understand nothing.If we don’t involve the Illuminati in this,Madonna wouldn’t be claimed best selling female artist.This is thanks to Illuminati that ” facts” show she’s ahead of Mariah as these ” facts” are biased and partials in favor of Madonna.

    Ok Moff, as this debate is not talking about sales specially.Let’s debate in the other debate.

  66. MOFF says:

    Of course Trish. We don’t know exactly how the Illuminati are involved in this, so we must believe the sources we have!
    Your arguments come from nowhere!

  67. AL SHARPTON says:

    Everybody on here is wrong. ELVIS still holds the record for most number one singles on the Billboard singles sales chart with 22. He also still holds the record in top ten hits with 42. Recently, Billboard changed their rules and stripped him of most of his number ones and top tens which proves that Billboard is dishonest and that Mariah “Payola” Carey’s and Madola’s careers have benefited mostly from payola.

  68. MOFF says:

    Tell me your link or your sources, I want to look it up.

  69. mimi#1 says:

    MDNA flopped bigtime!!! LOL

  70. MOFF says:

    Yes. But compared to Memoirs and E=MC2 it reached Number One almost everywhere.

  71. TRISH says:

    Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all time !

  72. TRISH says:

    @ MOFF, about MDNA album it may be reached number 1 in many micro countries, but its worldwide sales are under Mariah’s Memoirs album.So Mimi wins anyway !

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