Corey Clark Faces The Music From Jay Leno

Jay Leno had several jokes about American Idol during his monologue last night. Jay joked, “I was watching the news today and i see this uniformed guy with a bayonet and gun leading prisoners in single file, they’re all handcuffed. I realize, they’re not captured Iraqis. They were ‘American Idol’ contestants.” He then cracked, “You been following this story? ‘American Idol’, or, as now they’re calling it – ‘Joe Felon’.” Jay explained, “Yet another finalists on ‘American Idol’ is in trouble with the law. what is this like the forth or the fifth? I guess is facing trial next month on charges he assaulted his teenage sister. He beat up his sister? Even Ike turner is going ‘what’s wrong with you?’ There’s only one thing worse than beating up your sister…and that’s getting beat up by your sister.” He concluded, “The good news, today Corey signed a record deal with Phil Spector.”

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