CosmoGirl Voting Rigged?

Contributed Anonymously:

There has been a contest since please read the rules of the contest: “In the battle to be on CG!’s cover, only one hot celebrity will survive. Who will crush the competition? Only YOU can decide. Vote now!”

“You have the POWER to pick the next CosmoGIRL! cover guy!

Vote for your favorite celeb until your fingers bleed (or up to 100 times a day-whichever comes first!).

Each month, we’ll knock off the five duds who got the fewest votes (so long, suckers), and we’ll add three new guys who you’ve told us are cover-worthy (hello, fresh meat!). To be fair, everyone starts over with a score of zero!

The final round will be in March, 2002 April, 2002-the guy who scores the most votes that month will be on the cover of CosmoGIRL!’s next Sexiest Guys in the World issue.

Who will win? Your votes decide it all! Vote now!”

Now the results of March had Jason of Life house winning, evidently Cosmogirl didn’t like this so they changed the rules of the contest and instead of knocking off the last five dudes they kept the second place and only added 3 new guys. Is this contest rigged or what? Millions of fans have voted faithfully for Jason only for CosmoGirl change the voting rules in the last month and now they even want to hide the tally – what has this taught our children and grandchildren about honesty?

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