Could Hilary Duff Beat Up Avril Lavigne?

did a Q&A with Top of the Pops and was asked who would win in a fight between herself and Avril Lavigne. “[laughs] Uh oh! I don’t know, she looks pretty tough,” Duff said. “Maybe she’d kick my butt. I’ve never gotten into a girl-fight before. I’m a pretty good, like, verbal fighter. But I don’t lose my temper too much. I don’t scream. But I have a pretty good evil eye.” Asked if she could give her the slap-down verbally, then stare her out until she ran away, Duff added, “Maybe! [laughs] No, she’s cool and her album is really great. I’ll be like ‘OK, someone in London wanted me to fight you, are you ready?'”

Wins MTV Latin Video Music Award

October 27, 2003 – won best new international artist at the MTV Latin Video Music Awards show on Thursday night in Miami Beach. The awards show was held at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. Ricky Martin was amongst the performers at the show. The full story at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Could Hilary Duff Beat Up Avril Lavigne?

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I would like to take out those plastics out of her ass by kicking them to the fullest. At least Avril is trying to sing live.

    I would like to take those plastics out of her ass by kicking them to the fullest. At least Avril is trying to sing live, unlike this blonde bimbo. She has no neck and her arms are so huge and muscular.

  2. anti_avril says:

    I hate Hilary Duff and I hate Avril Lavigne. they both suck and n e 1 can beat up Avril because she tries to act like she is so tough (like Pink) and really she is just a much of a pin cushion as Hilary is. So if they did fight neither of them would win Hilary would break a nail and Avril’s fake spike bracelet will stab herself in the eye.

  3. looker says:

    Actually, Who cares they both suck and make terrible music!

  4. babet says:

    I think Hilary could beat up Avril. all she has to do is open her mouth and sing her to death.

  5. hotstuff says:

    Both need a good ass kicking. their constantly told their fantastic and that sh** is probably getting to their heads.

  6. breez says:

    Hilary could beat up Avril any day. They both suck, but Avril’s so tiny and fake, she’d probably run off crying. * waits for Avril’s lame fans “like OMG like totally rock on Avril you’re so hardcore”

  7. frozen_fire says:

    Like anyone cares if they fight! I think Top of the Pops asked the stupidest question for anyone. Why would someone want 2 people to fight for no good reason, just for the media? Avril & Hilary aren’t related in their style of music or in any other way. Its just BS! Is that the way how the media finds ratings for their show? By turning it into real Celebrity Deathmatch?

  8. lexie says:

    Touch Avril I’ll hate you forever cause I LOVE AVRIL

    give me an a always give me what I want (seriously don’t touch Avril)

  9. Rob says:

    LOL lets face it Avril could beat up Hilary easily Avril’s my favorite singer and Hilary’s my 2nd favorite

  10. CHAM CORR says:


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