Counting Crows Singer Praises Mandy Moore’s Latest

Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz is giving a big thumbs up to Mandy Moore’s latest album ‘Coverage’ and got mutual friend Mary-Louise Parker, who stared with Moore in ‘Saved’, to relay his praise for the album of covers. He writes, “Not that I didn’t already think she was probably a cool chick. Mary-Louise had been saying that since last year when they did ‘Saved’ together. As if it wasn’t enough that she got all choked up when she heard I liked the record because she’s such a huge CC fan. As if all that wasn’t enough, she makes this record on her own and basically dares them not to put it out. C’mon. Can I get some love here? This is the girl you’ve all been waiting for. She is way cooler than I am ever going to be. I hope you can all hear her.”

Are Mandy Moore And Andy Roddick Over For Good?

April 12, 2004 – Star magazine reports that when a photographer snapped a photo of Mandy walking hand-in-hand with actor Bobby Cannavale to the March 18th opening of the Off-Broadway play ‘Frozen’, the ex-girlfriend of Andy Roddick freaked out. “They begged the photographer not to take the shot,” an eyewitness revealed. Moore’s rep insisted to the tabloid that Bobby and Mandy “are just friends.” The photo incident is prompting speculation that perhaps Mandy and Andy aren’t split for good.

Mandy Moore Teams Up With Michael Stipe

April 9, 2004 – Mandy and Michael Stipe have recorded a cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’ for Moore’s upcoming movie Saved!. The R.E.M. singer, who co-produced the teen spoof, wanted to join Moore after hearing her initial rendition of the song. “He left me such a sweet little message like, ‘You have such a beautiful voice,'” Moore tells “That he wanted to be a part of it was so fu**ing cool. He actually invited me into his studio to meet the guys.”

Mandy Moore Goes Solo At Cinema

April 7, 2004 – The New York Post reports newly-single Mandy was spotted solo at Chelsea’s Clearview Cinema with a Diet Coke and popcorn. No word which movie she screened.

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One thought on “Counting Crows Singer Praises Mandy Moore’s Latest

  1. MCkiwiLamb says:

    ‘Coverage’ was good, it is a shame no one was interested. She is too sweet and good-girlish to really make it in the pop universe. Still, look what has happened to Ms Simpson. You never can tell.

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