Courtney Love Raps About Aguilera & Madonna

Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun Times spoke with Courtney Love at length on a variety of issues, including fellow female musicians and Christina Aguilera. On Madonna, she said, “When Madonna did that Rolling Stone cover with me and Tina Turner, she took me to her office and she said, ‘You don’t have photo approval?’ ‘No.’ ‘You don’t sign your own checks?’ ‘No.’ ‘You’re a fu**ing idiot! This is how you do it.'”

As for Christina, she sighed, “I got an e-mail from Christina Aguilera. Know what she wrote? ‘Na na, wass up?’ You know what I wrote back? ‘I’m in bed watching an Eleanor of Aquitaine documentary. [Imitates a school teacher:] Do you know who Eleanor of Aquitaine was?’ I am not gonna sit there and go, ‘Wass up?’ That fu**ing Disney tutor should be shot! And Christina doesn’t understand why I don’t want to sing back-up on her record!”

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