Courtney Love Weighs In On Durst, Aguilera & Spears

Courtney Love posted another rambling message on the Hole message board with attacks on Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst for the fiasco, and he took a shot at while offering sex advice for Spears as well. On Durst, she says, “He’s creepy- he’s just creepy and he’s also gone.” And while Courtney says Britney hasn’t yet “ridden the shark” (peaked), she says, “If it werent for Linda [Perry] writing ‘Beautiful’, Aguilera would’ve ridden the shark already.” Commenting on Spears’ quicky “relationship” with Colin Farrell, Love says, “Learn to fu** honey before you get up there with a drunk Irishmen boxer. I adore Colin Ffarrell but I love those shots. He’s so obviously going ‘look what I get to assfu** tonight yeehawww’ (I love Farrell – I hear he’s here tomorrow- I am soooo by the pool!) And she’s sooo looking like, “Oh God, what have I done. Ahh, I am like so uncomfortable with these … ooohey wonder if he’ll try an assfu** me – this is waaay scarrry- mommmy! Well Brit, bad girls do backdoor once in awhile – so jeez, better get rid of the fear.”

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