Cowell Predicts Hicks, Daughtry & Pickler In ‘Idol’ Top 3

‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell predicted his final three contestants in this season’s ‘American Idol’. “Let me tell you who’s gonna be in the finals,” Cowell said. “The bald-headed kid (Chris Daughtry) and the guy with gray hair (Taylor Hicks).” A few minutes later, he added, “I think the top three will be the two I mentioned and Kellie Pickler.” Of the three, the “sahl-mon” eating Pickler, who Cowell suggested was a “naughty little minx”, appears the most controversial pick. Cowell also was asked if he’s still fighting with ‘Idol’ season one champ Kelly Clarkson. Simon said she’s gotten her warning shot and things are fine now. Simon agreed with Howard that Kelly is the only one who has really gone out and made a career out of her win on the show. Read more details on his call at

‘Dolly Parton’ Look Unnerved Kellie Pickler

March 16, 2006 – TMZ has news on perhaps why Kellie Pickler’s performance of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Blame it on the Sun’ Tuesday night on ‘American Idol’ was so shaky. The “sahl-mon” eating singer was panicked that she might have a “wardrobe malfunction” with her black strapless number. Minutes before going on, Pickler was fidgeting and hoisting up the dress. She also was having troubles with her fake eyelashes.

Melissa McGhee Cut From ‘American Idol’

March 16, 2006 – Melissa McGhee forgot the words to her song on Tuesday’s ‘American Idol’ – on Wednesday she paid the price. McGhee, who stumbled with some of the lyrics in an otherwise smooth rendition of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’, became the first of the final dozen to be voted off the top-rated Fox show. Ace Young and joined McGhee in the bottom three before host Ryan Seacrest announced it was the end for the Tampa 21-year-old.

Leno Doesn’t Get ‘American Idol’

March 15, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “You know what I don’t get about ‘American Idol’? After they kick someone off, they make them come back on again and sing. How humiliating is that? [Laughter] That’s like being fired and, by the way, ‘Come in tomorrow and clean up this mess’.”

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