Craig David Wants To Be More Than Music In J.Lo’s Bedroom

Craig David has heard that Jennifer Lopez plays his music while making love, prompting the 24-year-old to admit on Tony Horne’s Metro Radio show in Newcastle that he’d like to be there with her instead. “It’s great to know you’re being played in the background,” Craig said. “But it would be much better if she said, ‘I’m going to sack the person I’m with, come on Craig, come and do some multi-tasking in the bedroom with me.'”

Why Jennifer Lopez Saves Her Old Shoes

October 20, 2005 – Us Weekly caught up with Jennifer for a Q&A and wondered why the diva, who is one of the richest women in Hollywood, still saves her old shoes. “Well, I have perspective,” Lopez responded. “I didn’t grow up in a glass palace, so I have the sensibility of two different worlds that I’m able to bring to everything that I do. I love that. I love where I came from. And, in a way, I almost hate that my kids are going to come from something else, that they’re not going to have the upbringing that I had.” That last remark prompted Us to ask if she and hubby Marc Anthony are already talking about having kids. “No, no, no,” Lopez said, laughing and blushing, “but you know what I’m saying. I love that I had a normal upbringing because you get a certain kind of common sense and street sensibility. You appreciate things. I think it’s really priceless.”

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