Craig Kilborn Offers Advice For Celine Dion On Sunday

Late Late Show host Craig Kilborn offered advice for ahead of her CBS concert on Sunday. Craig said on his Friday show, “I’m a little distracted today. Not because of [guests] Andy Dick or Petra, not because of the Playboy mansion on Saturday, I’m looked ahead to Sunday on CBS, the Celine Dion comeback concert. She is coming back in concert on CBS Sunday and I can’t concentrate, ok? She’s a dynamic performer. I like to think of myself sometimes around 12:30 as a very dynamic performer. I think if I talk to her right now and give her some advice on the comeback tour, some do’s and don’ts, maybe I can clear my head and focus on my show tonight.”

“Right now I’m talking to Celine. If you’re there, girlfriend, hey. It’s a big one for you Sunday. Celine, when you come out on that stage, you come out, girl, like you mean it, ok? I want you to take yourself very seriously, because this is a very important moment for America and the world. Ok? I don’t want you to do this — don’t introduce the song from ‘tie tantic’ with witty banter like you all may remember this ‘Titantic’ hit. But like Britney, definitely work the stripper pole. I think that will work. Celine, whatever Garth Brooks did, don’t do that.”

“Here is something to think about — ok, ok. Do a really long intro where you talk about your family and Canada and your people. Then don’t sing a song but start a new introduction talking about you and your pets, ok? I think this will work. This will play. Also, maybe you might want to make a rap album. In short here, shorten your name to Cel D. Celine, on your ninth costume change, that’s right, number nine, there will be about 36 of them, come on out in a tube top and you show whose the boss, ok?”

“Ok. Celine, we only have a few more, Celine. Stay with me. Celine, you are the alpha dog. Mark the stage. Remember, number one. Mark the stage. And finally, don’t ever forget this, seal even — Celine, D is for dynamic. That is what you have. It is a gift. I is for invincible, ain’t no one going to stop you, mama. is for victory, I’m predicting a victory for you Sunday night. And a, you got a bony ass. But you’re lucky, because I’m a bony ass man. Yeah, that’s right, girlfriend. You’re a diva, and on Sunday, get your diva on. Let’s give it up for Celine.”

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