Crazily Obsessed Britney Fans Read: It’s Time To Wake Up And Face Reality

I think most of you are too immature or dense to understand Britney Spears’ and Jive’s strategy when it comes to her new Remix album. She doesn’t want to be famous like she used to be…period. She doesn’t want dolls made with her face on them. She doesn’t want the media after her 24/7. She no longer wants to be the sexiest woman alive. Why do you think that for the past two or three years she’s done the exact opposite of what one would do if they wanted to maintain and elevate her level of success. She’s been #1. She’s had success all around the world. She’s been sexy enough to be posted all over calendars and posters, etc. Now she’s done.

She’s no longer trying to please people who aren’t her fans. A true artist doesn’t care if an album debuts at #1. Not all of or Janet’s albums have debuted at #1, and they’ve had extremely successful careers for over 2 decades now. You can’t be at the top forever, and anyone with half a brain cell knows that. So why put yourself out there to look pathetic and look like you’re trying to hold onto something that’s impossible to maintain, when you can gracefully do you own thing and have fun with it? That’s what she’s doing now, so deal with it. If she doesn’t do it this way, she’ll have NO career at all.

It seems many of you aren’t on board with that, and I guess that separates the true Britney fans from the crazy, obsessed fans who think everything she does should be #1. Even she doesn’t buy that nor does her record label any longer. This isn’t 1999. Success doesn’t equate #1 albums or bubble gum being named after you or the whole world thinking you’re the sexiest girl alive. Success is still having a great career, putting out music people want to listen to, and still being significant in a music scene that most people predicted you wouldn’t be apart of after a year or two. Britney is still going strong, and it’s a shame that some of you can’t just breathe and enjoy that she’s still around.

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