Creaky Backstreet Boys Are Still Quite Charming

Jeff Spevak of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reviewed the Backstreet Boys concert before a slim crowd of maybe 7,000 people Thursday night at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. Spevak writes, “It’s a wonder the guys didn’t slip on the testosterone that had to be all over the stage after Saturday’s Clay Aiken show, but the Backstreet Boys are real pros. A full decade into their careers, A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter – who sometimes treat singing in tune as though it were optional – are actually quite charming.”

The entire article at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Creaky Backstreet Boys Are Still Quite Charming

  1. galleta says:

    Why do Americans like to build ppl up just to tear them down? It’s funny the ppl that attended that concert loved it. I know the bigger an entertainer is the nastier the comments but calling them creaky is silly. They are no older than the boys of Green Day, or Coldplay. Their fans average age is 20 yet all you ever hear is their fans are teenies….lol…so sad. All their concerts have been getting good reviews, I wonder what was wrong in Jeff’s world that night that he completely missed what the other audience members saw.

    Another thing why is an old man that like Bo Diddley and Johnny Cash reviewing Backstreet Boys?….lol….Hell if I had to reveiw Johnny Cash I wouldn’t like him. Comeon lets get reviewers who actually like ballads and ppl that can sing in harmony with great melodies to review the guys.

    OMG…..Bob Dylan he’s a Bob Dylan fan, come on Bob Dylan although known for his politcal view of the 60’s and 70’s, couldn’t carry a note and sing in tune if his life depended on it and this guy has the nerve to say Nick was out of tune…….lol…lol. Now I don’t know how many ppl on popdirt would know who Bob Dylan is but he’s known for his political statements in song while playing a guitar and sing/talking out of tune. LOL…get me a reviewer who likes music. Johnny Cash, Bo Diddley and Bob Dylan…..haha

  2. Smile says:

    Most critics have had something good to say. Which means it’s a really good show. Alot of critics try their best to find something wrong. Though Billboard gave them a great review of their new single. They said it should be a hit song.

  3. embo says:

    BSB don’t get half the credit they deserve. they are 5 incredibly talented men. and there fanbase is sure not teenies. I went to a BSB concert when I was 8 and they place was full of 6-18year olds. I have been talking 2 the ppl who are going 2 there concert in October and they are all over 16 (except me lol I’m 14) I really love there new album. its so different.

  4. Michelle13105 says:

    is it possible that Nick actually had a bad night? Cash and Dylan are highly …’, ‘respected artist. You ***** at people for saying stuff about BSB but you’re no better when you insult LEGENDS. Yes, those artist highly accomplished. Dylan has won Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes for his music. Johnny Cash won 12 grammys and had nine #1 albums. Where are the BSB grammys at? I’m not saying BSB sucks. I used to love them but I’ve grown out of them. All I’m saying is if you want people to respect the music you like, respect theirs. And did it ever occur to you that critics are their to criticize? They are looking for something wrong.

  5. galleta says:

    first off I wasn’t *****ing about anything. And just because’, ‘they are highly respected doesn’t mean anything, Madonna is highly respected doesn’t mean she can sing. Bob Dylan can not sing, Johnny Cash can not sing.. that is my opinion of them and whether a person likes or dislikes BSB has nothing to do with the fact that they can not sing. Justin Timberlake won a grammy, Nsync won a grammy so what, doesn’t mean they deserved it. Johnny got a Grammy so what. Now as to growing out of a sound. I tend to like a group for the music they make not their looks or anything superficial. I still like Elton John, Sting, Barbra Streisand, I don’t outgrow what I like I just add to it.. I wonder about ppl who say they outgrow a sound. Sounds superficial to me.Critics criticize yes, but get critics that know about the sound. I wouldn’t criticize country music I don’t know it, same here he has a different taste in music he shouldn’t criticize what he so obviously is prejudiced against.

    BSB fans come in all colors and ages, only the critics love to demean them’, ‘by saying their fan base is teenies.

  6. Michelle13105 says:

    I didn’t out grow a sound I out grew the BSB. I don’t find that superficial. I said SOUND not LOOKS. There not that attractive. I no longer enjoy watching five grown men prance around on stage singing mediocre songs. Justin Timberlake won a Grammy because he has, get this, talent. That was a well *****ing deserved Grammy. I can see you as one of those awful annoying kids who argues that BSB is better than NSYNC.

  7. galleta says:

    you are assuming something thus making an ass of your self, cause guess what I have’, ‘nothing against Nsync and never did. I don’t think anyone including Justin should get a grammy from just one project. Use to be grammys, oscars etc…were given to ppl that had accomplished something throughout their career they had to prove themselves. Temptations and any group from the motown era were grown men “prancing” around the stage as you refer to it, and those were singers. Like I said before if I like an artist and what that artist produces I don’t flip flop and follow the trend of the time. ‘ As for mediocre what would you consider a superior song?

  8. astrange1 says:

    A few days back I made great fun of someone who compared Mariah Carey favorably to the Beatles. Denograting Dylan to build up the BSBs is so absurd, so ridiculous, so totally inescapably dullwitted that I may owe that poor soul an apology. Wtf are you on? The BSBs are a boy band who sing mediocre pop songs like 5000 other boy bands stretching back to the 1950s. No more, no less. If that is your guilty pleasure (mine is power pop/ garage bands), then knock yourself dead. But don’t go putting down people who have has groundbreaking influences over the last 30 years to make yourself feel better about following a pop band that has found itself out of step with the passage of time. Just enjoy them. Oh, and hear is a list of songs I want you to consider: “Mr. Tambourine Man”, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Tangled Up in Blue”, “Desolation Row”, “Highway 61 Revisited”, “The Mighty Quinn”, “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine”, “Lay Lady Lay”, “With God on Our Side”, “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, “Just Like A Woman”, “Visions of Johanna”, “Positively 4th Street”, “Rainy Day Woman”, “My Back Pages”, and many more. These songs have a few things in common. They are great songs with an incredibly imaginitive literary style – songs whose lyrics are among the most imaginative and expressive in pop music history. Another thing they have in common is they were all composed by Bob Dylan. Your own ignorance is displayed by the fact that few of them (only 2) had anything to do with politics – Dylan rarely composed overtly political songs after his early folkie years. Most of the songs he is remembered were about personal struggles, not political ones. Before you comment, you might want to actually do your homework. It probably never occurred to you that for most people with a clue, saying he listened to the artists you insulted was equivalent to saying he was used to listening to musicians with a shred of soul and originality – something Messrrs. Carter, et al, will never possess.

  9. demo2314 says:

    I agree astrange that johnny cash was one of the best recording artist to ever live, and bob dylan was a great composer, and yes they influenced music for 30 years, but don’t discredit the influence that the backstreet boys have had on music for 12 years. now 12 and 30 years are not the same numbers, matter of fact, there not even close, but 12 years is alot of influence…………and if your wondering what influence, bsb is responsible for ushering some of the greatest acts today through that Door of opportunity and there music, acts like BRITNEY SPEARS, NSYNC, CHRISTINA A. , MANDY MOORE, BB MAC, O-TOWN, SPICE GIRLS, ect…………just like how johnny cash influenced COUNTRY singers and music for 30 years, the backstreet boys, after 12 years are still influencing POP music and artist. ( plus, here’s a fact for ya, your saying that bsb doesn’t have soul or originality, the 2, # 1 hits that the bsb had was written by brian l. , the lead singer of the group………..another fact, all of the singles that the bsb have released from all 4 albums were all in the top 10, 2 of them being # 1……….how many singles do you think they had was in the top 10, lets see………..” quit playing games” ” as long as I love you” “all I have to give” “never break you heart” “backstreet’s back” “anywhere for you” “i want it that way” “larger than life” “show me the meaning of being lonely” “the one” “shape of my heart” “the call” “more than that” “drowning” and just recently “incomplete” so if you can produce 15 songs that were on the top 10, 2 of them #1, then I don’t think you have the right to say that they have soul or originality, even if your a highly regarded critic, something that Rochester chronicles is not……..there not even the map……..and last of all, bsb is not a ordinary boy band, I don’t think you should call them a boy band, cause boy bands can’t sing, can’t sing in tune, but bsb CAN SING, AND THEY DO SING IN TUNE, you should place them in the catogory of Vocal group legends like boys to men, shai, jodeci, new edition, temptations, ect…..if you don’t agree, then let me know….

  10. galleta says:

    My point was he was political not necessarily every song he wrote was political. I’m not denigrating Bob or the others to try to build up that’s your take on what I said only. BSB are BSB and Bob is Bob. A critic is paid to review a show objectively not subjectively. A critic that prefers the “imaginative literary style” as you put it, of Bob Dylan should not be reviewing BSB. BSB are known for their melodic, smooth, soothing, harmony filled vocals. The critic didn’t comment on the Boys lyrics but on the fact that in his opinion one of the BOYS sang out of tune. I stick by my point, a person that perfers the sounds of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash should not ever comment on another performer singing out of tune. Bob was never known for his singing capabilities, and in fact got alot of criticism cause he was not the best singer. As for his imaginative literary style… LIKE A ROLLING STONE, is about a prissy rich girl getting hooked on drugs and fell onto hard times that’s neither imaginative or literary.Heck NSYNC did a song on a similar topic. By the way you sound like you think cause an entertainer writes he is somehow so deep and worthy. Writing is a way of self expression and that’s great, but that neither validates or invalidates a performer. HEY MR. TAMBORINE MAN PLAY A SONG FOR ME IM NOT SLEEPING AND THERES NO PLACE IM GOING TO, HEY MR TAMBORINE MAN PLAY A SONG FOR ME IN THE JINGLE JANGLE MORINING I’LL COME FOLLOWIN YOU. What may I ask is so literary about that? Now I give Bob credit for his poetry and putting it to song, but his voice no way. I like an entertainer that can actually carry a note, Bob can’t. I’m not putting Bob down cause there are some songs by Bob I do like LAY LADY LAY being one. But a critic that prefers Bob and Johnny who by the way I think can’t carry a note either should be careful when criticizing someone for being in or out of tune.. Dylan hurts my ears. Dylan should have been the song writer and sold his songs out. As for having to justify my liking the melodic, smooth, sounds of BSB I don’t need to justify that I like what I like and my taste are eclectic..but one thing a performer has to do is be able to sing and that is my opinion.

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