Creature Recording Second Album in England

CowBella of checked in with fans on the Canadian pop rock band’s blog at MySpace (@creaturecreature) on Sunday (June 27), discussing progress on a follow-up to their 2008 debut album ‘No Sleep At All’. The keyboardist writes:

We just arrived in England to record our 2nd album and play a number of shows. We are recording at SARM studios where Led fu**ing Zeppelin recorded, yo!! Our apartment is right across from the studio in a section of London called Notting Hill. Very beautiful here, reminds me of a combination of SOHO NYC and the Mile End in Montreal with an English flare (i.e. lots of pubs serving Fish n Chips).

We are working with producer Stephen Hague who has produced some of my favorite albums and songs including Blur, The Pet Shop Boys and New Order. He is whipping our songs into shape, telling us a certain song needs a stronger chorus or suggesting new chords in the middle 8 (which we call a ‘bridge’ so there’s a bit of language issues to work out).

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