Creature ‘Who’s Hot Who’s Not’ Video

are out with the music video to their new single ‘Who’s Hot Who’s Not’, off the Montreal indie pop group’s album ‘No Sleep At All’, out now on Bonsound Records / Universal Music Canada.

Drummer Sid-Z had this to say about the video on the group’s blog at MySpace (@creaturecreature):

Our video for “Who’s Hot Who’s Not” came out this week!!!! Wow, where do I start with how it all began? Ok, I know, I was on the phone with Cowbella brainstorming ideas and out of some inner kitschy memory drawer, I remembered the segment for Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock. You know the one with all the prisoners up on a scaffolding and Elvis swings down a fireman pole? Yeah, that one. You can see the influence in the two-floor set we had built and the striped shirts everyone is wearing. Oh, and of course we break out into a dance choreography like Elvis. If you have seen our first video for Pop Culture, no Creature video is without a dance segment. It’s just fun. As for other influences, you might catch some nods to The Clash for their jumpsuits and combat boots (we love you Clash), Daft Punk’s Around The World, Spike Lee’s dolly shot, disco dance floors and of course early 80’s break dancing and Double Dutch. We have a blast doing our own videos and really try to do something other than “performance videos” where the band just play their instruments. Darn it, we like dressing up and boogieing. Doesn’t everyone?

Watch it below.

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