Cris Judd Gets $15 Million To Keep It Zipped

Us Weekly reports paid her ex-huband Cris Judd big to keep quite about their short marriage. “At one point, he was going to write a book,” said a source. “but she freaked out.” The $15 million divorce agreement reportedly says Lopez would give Judd “$15 million and that he would not write a book about her.”

Jennifer Lopez Taking It To Another Level

14, 2002 – Entertainment Weekly has a short profile on Jennifer in their fall music preview. Producer Andre Harris says J.Lo is “trying to take it to another level” in her yet-to-be-titled tentatively to be released in December album. “Singing-wise, song-structure-wise, theme-wise, she’s trying to give the audience a little more this time out – more substance lyrically, vocally, and musically. This will be a well-rounded project.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Trailer Egged After Dissing Philly

13, 2002 – Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that after Jennifer reportedly said on the MTV Video Music Awards – that the town “she was currently filming in is not so great,” or words to that effect according to a spy, she suffered the consequences. “It caused some people in Paulsboro to go to her trailer in the parking lot of Rita’s Water Ice and egg it,” the Spy reports.

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One thought on “Cris Judd Gets $15 Million To Keep It Zipped

  1. Lay says:

    Damn I would LOVE to run into Cris now that J.LO cut him off… He’s soooo hot and now he’s loaded with cash!

    What was she thinking when she filed for divorce?! He’s a fine man and he can dance his a** off too!

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