Cris Judd Signs Pre-Nup… Was There Any Doubt?

The Chicago Sun Times’ Bill Zwecker is reporting that Cris Judd signed an iron-tight prenuptial agreement without any protest, prompting a friend of Jennifer Lopez’s to tell him, “He’s a class act. He loves her for her… not for her bank account.”

Witnesses Gush Over J.Lo Wedding Kiss

October 1, 2001 – reports and Cris Judd had a movie-like kiss following their exchanged vows at Saturday’s marriage for the couple. Said one eyewitness, “She and Puff Daddy used to kiss a lot, but it was nothing like this. This kiss was just so romantic – like something out of a movie. Everybody who saw them embrace was enchanted.”

Old Interview With J.Lo Found

September 30, 2001 – talked to NDTV in India on March 2 and the station’s website has a video archive of the chat. In the piece, Lopez talked about having a family 10 years from now. Lopez talked about the diversity of her roles and her desire not to be pigeonholed as the typical Latin actress in terms of movie roles. Confirms J.Lo Secret Wedding

September 30, 2001 – The New York Post reports and Cris Judd wed at a secret ceremony yesterday in the Santa Monica Mountains of California. An insider told them guests included “a bunch of friends and a lot of family.” Several security guards patrolled the hilltop estate.

Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd Getting Hitched On Saturday

September 28, 2001 – Cindy Adams and the New York Daily New’ Rush & Molloy both report Jennifer Lopez’s wedding to Cris Judd will be tomorrow. J.Lo is flying out Oribe, her New York hairdresser, specially for the event to make sure she looks perfect. Also, Jennifer’s manager, Benny Medina, will be Judd’s best man… And who has done J.Lo’s wedding dress? Donatella Versace.

Univision On J. Lo Concert

September 27, 2001 – Univision reviewed Jennifer Lopez’s performances in Puerto Rico last weekend saying Lopez displayed “little vocal capacity” but compensated with “a full show of sensuality.” The crowd didn’t seem to mind the fact that she was using vocal tracks as they cheered virtually non-stop during the two nights of shows, where they paid $95 for the privilege.

J. Lo Refuses Comment On Judd / Terror Attacks

September 21, 2001 – Univision is reporting that Jennifer Lopez’s handlers insisted to reporters during her time in Puerto Rico that she’s not to be asked questions concerning her thoughts on the terrorist activity in the United States on September 11. While scores of other artists have offered condolences and their feelings of grief and outrage, Lopez appears to be taking a role of neutrality, for reasons unknown. Also, when asked about her relationship with fiance Cris Judd Lopez responded, “I don’t talk about my personal life.”

Jennifer Lopez Taping NBC Concerts This Weekend

September 19, 2001 – AP reports Jennifer Lopez will move ahead with her planned concerts this weekend in Puerto Rico for a special that will be broadcast on NBC in late November.

Lopez said in a press conference speaking in Spanish Tuesday, “It’s going to be something very beautiful and I really believe it’s a show that comes from my soul and my heart.” J. Lo’s performances will be on Friday and Saturday at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum.

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