Cross Promo Deal Spurs Britney Spears’ ‘On Air’ Appearance

Ryan Seacrest spoke with The New York Post about his interview with on Wednesday’s ‘On Air’, the pop diva’s first live sitdown interview since her now-infamous quickie Vegas marriage to Jason Alexander last month. “It’s something we’ve been working on for a while – before we went on the air,” Seacrest said. “Obviously this has become a solid booking in the last few days. I would imagine, although I can’t speak for the artists, that when we pitch someone like Britney we have a unique promotional opportunity through our format, which allows her to interact with her fans, have a conversation with us and perform in the courtyard.” And the negotiations apparently had some benefits for Spears. “We’re not just going to have Britney on once. We’re going to support her through her entire tour,” he revealed.

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