Crying Kylie Minogue Pressed On Day That Michael Hutchence Died

The Sunday Mirror asked William Baker about the suicide death of Kylie Minogue’s longtime boyfriend Michael Hutchence, frontman of INXS. On the day Kylie heard Hutchence had been found dead in a Sydney hotel room, William was gathering outfits together for a concert she was about to give at the G.A.Y. club at London’s Astoria nightspot. He says, “The whole day was awful beyond words. To even talk about it now is really hard. I’ll never forget what a total state she was in. She just couldn’t stop crying. She and Michael had been split up for a good few years – but they were still very close. When he was in London he would drop by and we would all go for a drink. He was still an important part of her life. I phoned her that morning and she answered in floods of tears. But she didn’t cancel the show, which was for charity. She was adamant that the show had to go on because she was only too well aware of how much suffering the audience would have known caused by AIDS and HIV.”

Best Pal Says Kylie Was ‘Gutted’ Over Gooding Split

October 28, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror spoke with Kylie Minogue’s best friend and fashion mentor William Baker who says the Aussie singer was heartbroken after things didn’t work out between her and James Gooding. “She really thought he was the one, the man she could spend the rest of her life with and have kids with. She was absolutely gutted,” Baker said. “She was sitting round saying, ‘Oh God, another one bites the dust. What have I done wrong this time? Another relationship has ended and still no ring, no big church wedding’. She cries about it, she cries a lot. She blames herself for it all, not James, because it all went wrong when her career took off again.”

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