CSI Star’s Fingerprints Get On Janet Jackson’s Panties

Globe magazine reports ‘CSI’ star Gary Dourdan left his fingerprints on Janet Jackson’s panties when the pair starred in Janet’s video ‘Again’ in 1993. A source revealed, “At one point, you see Gary’s hand in close-up as he opens the button on Janet’s jeans and slides his fingers down inside while she’s lying on a bed. Then he pulls out a thin chain that had been hidden under his pelvis… It’s kind of unsettling to see Gary and Janet rubbing their hands all over each other and kissing passionately when you know that her husband [Janet’s husband at the time, Rene Elizondo] was the one telling them to do it.”

Dourdan was recently asked what it was like working with Miss Jackson. “I had to be particularly intimate with her in the video,” he recalled. “But she was fine about it.”

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