Cuba Gooding Jr. Tells Mariah, ‘Stay Away From Films!’

Oscar winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno talking about his role in the telethon last Friday and when Jay asked if he invested in Mariah Carey’s movie Glitter, Cuba responded, “I had 25 cents in it. And I want 24 back!”

Gooding added, “No, I’m kidding! I didn’t see the movie. That’s — see, that’s not good now. Mariah Carey’s a beautiful woman. She can sing really good…. Stay away from films!” After Jay responded, “Uh oh,” Cuba assured, “It’s a joke!”

Earlier in the show during Jay’s monologue, he again took a shot at Glitter saying, “Come on, you gotta be fair. How many have seen the new movie ‘Glitter’? Have you been to that? You know, they’re calling it the blockbuster movie of the fall. And since this is fall, it should be in Blockbuster right about now.”

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