Cutting The B.S…. 98 Degrees Basically Breaking Up

Drew Lachey broke the hearts of many fans with the following response to a question from a fan wondering if the group planned on heading back to the studio early this year. Drew said, “I had a feeling that this question was going to come up. The answer is ‘We are taking an extended break.’ Music right now is in a different place than it was in 1997 when we entered the scene. We are just taking our time to see how we fit into it. We also have been presented with a lot of opportunities over the past couple of years that we want to explore. All of these things take time. As always we appreciate your patience and continued support.”

As for existing members of the official site’s fan club, webmaster Devon wrote, “As you may be aware, the group is taking an extended break. They have no immediate plans to record or tour. With their future unclear at this point, they feel it would be best to fulfill their obligations to existing members and bring the Fan Club’s activities to a close.”

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