Cyndi Lauper Discusses ‘The Body Acoustic’ With ‘The Insider’

At 52, is releasing a new album called ‘Cyndi Lauper: The Body Acoustic’, that re-imagines some of her prom staples, like ‘Time After Time’, ‘All Through the Night’, and ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, with a wacky cast of characters from various music genres. “In this album, I not only try to make it more of that backporch style, but I brought in all the genres of music that I love,” Lauper told ‘The Insider’. “So I got Shaggy to do a Jamaican vibe and I got Vivian Green from the R&B world to come into my world and mix it up and I got Ani Difranco and, of course, and Jeff Beck and Puffy Amiyumi. If you’re a little kid, you know who they are. They’re on the buses [in Tokyo]. They’re a rap kind of pop group, but it’s cool.”

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