Cyndi Lauper Visits WB11

was in studio with WB11 to talk about her new album ‘At Last’, her influence on fashion in the ’80s, being back on the road on tour, her New Year’s gig at Times Square, where she’ll be dropping the ball, and more. WPIX has since removed the interview.

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5 thoughts on “Cyndi Lauper Visits WB11

  1. amusicfanofsoul says:


  2. tazzsgirl says:

    I hope that b!tch Christina is following Cyndi’s career because that is her future,,, . But I think it is so funny Cyndi chose to cover “At Last” like Tina always does,, it just shows the similarites between them and how Christina is destined to become the next Cyndi Lauper. The only difference is Cyndi was somewhat original and wasn’t a vile hated b!tch during her peak.

  3. rangergirl says:

    Cyndi Lauper was very original when she first came out in the 80’s and in the beginning of MTV. Madonna copied her originally as well as ripping off fashion styles from actresses from the 1940’s & 50’s such as Marilyn Monroe-ACTUALLY SHE COPIED MARILYN RIGHT DOWN TO THE FAKE MOLE SHE USED TO HAVE! When Madonna came out w/ her POINTY bras ,during her Blonde Ambition tour ,everyone says she’s being different again but she just copied 50’s model Bettie Page. She also was recently sued for copying images from an Italian photographer for her “Hollywood” video. She’s NOT AS ORIGINAL as people make out to be. Also, she may write some of the lyrics to her songs(which SHE states takes 10 minutes) but she does not write music notes. I think some of the songs she and her producers put together were catchy BUT I do think people give her TOO much credit & her entire life has been publicity stunt.

    Cyndi Lauper was a huge international popstar during most of the 80s. She is a tiny little blond girl/woman with a sort of annoying but sometimes powerful voice. She was famous for her tacky or colorful clothes and constantly changed her hair color. Her first big hit was “Girls just wanna have fun” which I am sure you have heard somewhere. She was compared to Madonna in their early and won a best new artist grammy (like Xtina) while Madonna was shut out of the grammies. They both had large fan bases but most of the press said Cyndi would stay famous and Madonna was a fad,,, we all know how that turned out.. For some reason her carreer totally fell apart in the late 80s and she pretty much dissapeared until recently. Here are links for you

  4. clayfan says:

    She had a lot of hits and made a huge impact on pop culture in the 1980s. You will be amused and entertained. She was really something!! Best of luck!

  5. weebongo says:

    Madonna has been inspired by elements from early movie fashions to artwork, photography and so on. She used pieces of this in her ever-changing image. EVERYONE GETS INSPIERD BY SOMETHING and it’s how you use it that separates you from the copycats. Madonna made her images completely her own. No other female artist before her had done this which makes Madonna a absolute original. She was smart enough to use these elements in her image and help make her the biggest female Icon of our time. David Bowie was the first male to do this so you could say Madonna is the female version of Bowie except Bowie spent most of his career never being commercially successful in the US. Their was a period in the early 80’s were Bowie did have lots of hits but that was about it in US. Madonna fused these images with her music perfectly.

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